Saturday, March 30

Conservative Christian becomes first to ever quit Wife swap after having her faith and ideals ridiculed

Have you ever seen the show Wife Swap.? I think many of us have. It seems to be a good learning experience and we get some laughs in the process. Well this time things were very different. This time the show sets up a Christian conservative wife, Gina Louden with a "Polyamorous" couple and they make the Conservative woman look like the weirdo. Things escalate to such a point, that the Conservative woman becomes the first woman in 9 years of the show to quit.  They portray the conservative ones as backward, and odd. Comments are made such as , "Bible trivia? Oh LORD " "Her smile is so fake." The Louden Family: Louden Family They put Gina woman in a house where the Dad and the Mom live with a 23 year old girlfriend in the same house. Not only that, but they sleep together.  The three of them share a bed. The children are exposed to this and taught that it is normal.  The other wife, Angela, goes to to live in a Christian household where she tells Gina Louden's children about her threesome relationship. See below and watch for yourself. They paint Christian conservatives as weird and evil for reading the Bible and the constitution. When the switch comes and the new wives get to make the rules, the "proverbial S**t" hits the fan.  The liberal mom, forbids prayer.  She says if they do anything religious they will have to donate money to the local Gay and lesbian charity. Meanwhile Gina, the conservative, makes kind changes, like getting the lazy Dad off his rear, and does family things, like teaching them to eat healthy. She tells the dad he has to read the Bill of Rights. They ridicule Gina Louden, and when they find out her beliefs on Gay Marriage and homosexuality they accuse of her of "judging".  Meanwhile during Bible Study at the other home, Angela feels picked on by the "evil" Christian husband. The show is very sympathetic to the liberal mind set. They attack Gina, and confront her about her beliefs, and call Jesus a" mythical comic book hero", and despite the fact she is kind to them, and friendly and gentle with the children, they ridicule her faith, her politics, and her way of life, until she decides it's just not worth it, after the liberal "husband" throws her out of the house and tells her to "walk". Envy family This was an attempt to ridicule conservative Christians, and all the fun stuff that you have seen from the show in the past, comes to an ugly head and ends in tears, and pain. The kids are hurt, the wives are hurt, and the show generally comes out looking ugly. The liberal media,  in their attempt to normalize deviant behavior actually seem to show sympathy with a couple wanting to practice polygamy. They even talk about it. The "polyamorous" couple voices their opinion that polygamy should be legal. Why is the liberal agenda to kill morality in America. Why is it wrong or odd for a family to do a morning bible study on the balcony overlooking the ocean. A mom and a Dad together with their children. It is family time, and though the Conservative couple was made to seem judgmental, the liberal threesome was even more judmental. Though Gina Louden, was always kind to them and treated the children well, the fact that she did not agree with their lifestyle, caused them to ridicule her beliefs, treat her with disdain, disobey her rules, even though she followed their rules, an ultimately throw her out. Eventually they will normalize it, and the media will destroy any semblance of truth further than it has already gone. I cannot advise against watching Main Stream television enough. It will rot your brain and make deviant behaviors seem normal.

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