Saturday, March 30

Time magazine calls kids who pray "excessively" mentally ill

In yet another MSM attack on Christianity, Time magazine published an article that says that Children  who are very religious may be “mentally ill.” The article is titled, “Can your Child Be Too Religious” and addresses kids, who read scripture after school and pray several times a day.  It says that doing these things could signify “underlying mental illness”. The article “scientifically” explains that Psychologists equate this as a form of OCD, and consider it an “unhealthy coping mechanism.”
praying teen
The article suggests evaluating your child’s Religious practice and suggests seeing if your child’s religious practices are taking the place of “normal” activities.  See even that seemingly innocuous phrase says a lot.  Taking the place of NORMAL activities. This implies that going to church and praying are not normal activities. See how subtle they are? Its dangerous the way they word these things.
It is interesting to note that the article was published just a few days before the Easter Holiday. The timing certainly seems suspect at best, and downright, sneaky at worst. So you want my take on it? This is just more of the liberal media trying to tell you that religion is “crazy.” They want to marginalize and destroy faith, and morality in  America Society.  They chip away at it a little at a time, and make sure that the articles seem well thought out and quote “expert” opinions. You see its easier for liberals to get their way, if Christian morality is ridiculed, and thought to be overzealous and judgmental  then no one will have to take them seriously. This is how they start.
Main Stream media will not tolerate Christianity unless we fight tooth and nail to keep from getting labeled as crazy. We need rational people to speak on our behalf and make sure that people understand that Christianity is not the Westboro people that the media so loves to give attention. Notice, Scientology is every bit as nutty as Westboro, but get far less attention from the MSM. They do this intentionally, Westboro makes Christians look like nuts.  Scientology is a nutty and powerful cult, and yet they are famous actors, and seen in a much more positive light. We have got to stop playing into their hands with this rubbish. Taking the moral high ground is imperative for society as a whole, because the deterioration of a moral society, will lead to disaster.
Hang in there Christians. We wont be labeled as crazy.


Millard Kinnison said...

The leftist lunatic's waste no time trashing Christians but wouldn't dare do the same thing to Muslim's.

Elena McCall said...

Of course not. Muslims must be allowed to face east and pray up to 5 times a day. That is normal. Christians can't do that.

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