Monday, March 25

Government Provided K-Y Jelly Sandwich's & Self Preservation

Superb post By LadyRaven who has really helped me out as I SLOWLY recover from Spinal Fusion surgery. PatriotUSA

Hella week.  And she (that would be me) watches the universe unfold alien realities that demand we think long and hard about self-preservation.

FILED  -  Tax dollars  (that would be yours and mine).  We are expected to believe that because of the sequester poor Joe Biden will have to start using the train for his weekly trip to Delaware.  I've got to take the train now -- it's cheaper than flying.' So I get to take the train again."  -  Yeah.  Just long enough for a couple of photo ops for the gullible Kool-Aid drinkers who love their government provided K-Y jelly sandwich's!  You see, there are other stories out there that just don't speak to our resident vice commander in thief being concerned about saving money.  Biden's $459,388.65 Hotel Bill for 136 rooms for a weeks stay last month in London.  Gee!  I wonder what the food bill and travel costs were?

Meanwhile - back to those tax payers referred to above - The number of suburban residents living in poverty rose by nearly 64 percent between 2000 and 2011  - Poverty Hits America's Suburbs

And this from Creeping Sharia - "Plunder plain and simple."After $500M to ‘Palestine’, Obama vows $200M to Jordan, $500M to foreign readers

FILED  -  Goodbye America. We have loved you well, but not well enough to protect you.  This is a joke?  Yes? or NO?  unfortunately it isn't.

Special Travel Benefit for Saudis  h/t The Investigative Project on Terrorism - Saudi Arabia, the nation which produced 15 of the 19 hijackers in the 9/11 attacks, is about to become one of a handful of countries whose travelers can bypass normal passport controls at major U.S. airports.

FILED - To my siblings - I beg you, again, to watch.  I will NOT be the only one of us who ends up here and this is not a FEMA camp - it is an internment camp - big difference! -> Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used for Political Dissidents

FILED - Heaven help usLeaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior - and there is this -> via Red Flag News - Obama's 'Presidential ethics panel' OK's anthrax vaccine for children... - A presidential ethics panel has opened the door to testing an anthrax vaccine on children as young as infants, bringing an angry response from critics who say the children would be guinea pigs in a study that would never help them and might harm them.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ 

FILED - War Is Coming - Pray for those sounding the alarm and showing the way.  Be prepared! 

  • I don't know what part the hactivists will play in the coming days.  This piece gives us a pretty good idea the government is not fond of them.  A close friend upon reading said - "Justification being given to start using drones on civilians?"  via Washington TimesCivilian ‘hacktivists’ could be lethal targets in cyberwar, NATO study says - since they are not members of their countries’ military, the manual says, hacktivists taking part in a cyberwar should be considered “unprivileged belligerents” ..... are not entitled to prisoner of war status under the Geneva Conventions, and they can be prosecuted for their actions — even if those actions would have been legal under the laws of war if carried out by military personnel.
  • via The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler - Pushing Us Ever Closer To The Edge - The mission is everything, and our mission is to preserve, uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign AND domestic, so help us G-d.
  • via Freedom Rings 1776 - Political Power And The Barrel Of A GunOne need but recall Obama's statement about a civilian defense force as well armed, trained, and funded as our military. The concept has been oft described as Obama's Army, and it is taking shape in the guise of the DHS. Obama assumed office with the plan for a top down revolution, leading to a communist utopia, with him totally in charge of our economy, our health care, and all guns. Those guns are the hinge pin upon which our future swings.
  • via Patriot's CornerHow the collapse of the USA will go down, DHS insider reveals more information  - It is now just a matter of 'when' as we passed the tipping point many, many years ago. A plan was placed into motion decades ago and all the dominoes will fall once the event that tips the first one falls over.
  • via WND - The Rise of America's Gestapo - Why does the government (and the Obama administration in particular) want Americans’ firearms? Because they know that they are already guilty of prosecutable crimes and are planning many more. They know that they represent precisely why America’s founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution in the first place, and that they already merit being removed by force of arms. They simply want to disarm Americans before a preponderance of us come to that realization and respond accordingly.
  • via The Last RefugeU.S. Preppers: 3 Million and Counting – When Modern Society Collapses Unto Itself.... - "the lessons of Andrew will never leave the minds of those who went through it, and not one-soul who experienced it would ever consider a “Prepper” extreme."

  • I can only call this the moment things got scary - via eatgrueldog  - Over 200 arrested in pro gun protest - According to this article hundreds of protesters showed up at a speech by Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper . Over 200 were arrested on outstanding warrants.   WTF!!   Number one: How did the cops identify these people? Force everyone there to show I.D.? Ask them if they have warrents?  Number two: What is the chance of there being that many “criminals” there in a crowd of “Hundreds” ? My B.S. detector went so far off the chart that the needle is broken.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Is It Time To Organize The Revolution?  Part 2: An Action Plan - via The D.C. Clothesline - There are a number of groups planning marches on Washington D.C. including one that is an armed march scheduled for July 4. ..... Do I think that an armed march on Washington D.C. is crazy? You bet I do. I have talked to a few people that are going and though it is being advertised as a “peaceful” march, certain individuals do not see it that way. I must come to  grips with the fact that this could be the start of revolution in this country. Shots could be fired and it could trigger a very serious response. That could be the day that some of us have waited for and others have feared.

And finally - FILED - Prepare - Do you have cash set aside?  Are you stockpiling food, water, ammunition?  An Introduction To Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning

nope-she sure didn't!.

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