Saturday, March 2

How to take on the powerful news media, Part 4

This article is re-posted from The Victory For Liberty Center.  It is part of an on-going series.

Viewership is a necessity for cable news networks.  In recent years, the viewership of Leftist news programs has dropped, but they will rarely admit it.  These ratings mean everything to Leftist journalists, in the same way that their Leftist politician comrades live and die by the polls.

Quite simply, stop watching Leftist news broadcasts.  Do not give them the ratings.  The Leftist networks add no value, and any real news you may glean from them you can glean from the web.  Just stop watching.

Now, as for other citizens, they need to be encouraged to turn the channel or turn the TV off.  This can be accomplished by diminishing the general perception of the honesty of the news media.  Once people doubt what they are being told, they unplug.  Simple concept.

But how do we go about doing this?  How do we open people's eyes to the fact that they are being lied to on a daily basis by a news media that they think they can trust? 

In order to fulfill these objectives, there are a variety of methods available.  It is difficult for many to believe how easy it is. Just like the news media creates a general perception on political issues, we can create a general perception of the news media.

Here is an example:  On social network sites we see personalities being attacked.  Meme macros are posted of famous people with all sorts of flowery language and negative attributes of those people noted on them.  Hypocrisy is one of the most common attributes noted on such e-posters.  But these sorts of seemingly benign entertainment actually do effect opinions on a subconscious level.  People will begin to recognize that this personality--who appears to be exposed, and is unable to defend themselves in that moment of time--looks ugly and treacherous.  They will look at the person in a different light, as if they had witnessed an expos√©.  This is a similar dynamic to when we hear a rumor about someone when they are not present, and then we feel a strange sense of mistrust the next time we interact with them.  We could exploit this against media personalities that uphold Leftism.

Here is another example: Point out mistakes that the news media has made, and ram them home.  Remind those you know about incidents when the news media got key facts wrong.  Do not pause, do not let up, keep pushing.  Don't let people forget about these mistakes.  When the Aurora Shooting occurred, a certain news network (the All Bill Clinton news) jumped at the opportunity to defame a Tea Party activist who shared a name with the killer.  They located information on the man, and basically reported that he might be the shooter with virtually no evidence.  They made sure that they mentioned the Tea Party multiple times.  This is the kind of incident that must be made known to all.  The utter incompetence of "journalists" must become a common subject of jokes.  Post stories on these failings on the feed of your social network.  Email friends and family with news articles apologizing about errors.  Every time that you have the opportunity to talk about a specific journalist or news network, remind the other members of the conversation about the lies that have been told by that journalist or news network.

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