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The End Is, Ur, ALMOST Nigh ... J. D. Longstreet

The End Is, Ur, ALMOST Nigh
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


In keeping with today's custom of placing everyone in a class, group, a pigeon hole of some kind, you can place me in with the: "It ain't gonna be so bad" crowd.

I think weathering the results of SEQUESTER will all depend upon just how much pain our paternalistic ruler Obama wants to bring to bear on his wayward children.

Yep!  This ain't my first rodeo.  Been around THIS block before.  Deja vu, all over again. All those little pearls of wisdom apply.

I have never seen it fail -- from the local level to the national and international level -- when the amount of money any government lays claim to is threatened by a decrease, they ALWAYS cry doom and gloom, rolling out images of "The End of Days."  ALWAYS.

You may find this difficult to believe (If you follow the Mainstream Media, that is.) -- but nobody much is listening to the President's dire predictions of imploding government.  (Actually, nobody, much, is listening to the President anymore, anyway!)

I sometime think the politicians and the press have forgotten about all of us consumers of news out here in the hinterlands and they are just talking ABOUT themselves TO themselves.

Think about it for a moment:  If the public HAD been listening to all the blather coming from the MsM and from inside the beltway of DC in the past few months, there would be panicked crowds running rampant in the streets of America.  There are not.

So ... why not? What happened?

Well, for those of us who do not worship at the feet of Obama, it became clear during Obama's first campaign that the MsM would be the democratic propaganda bureau for all things Obama.  We turned them off THEN.

As it became clear to those who support Obama or, at least, DID support Obama, there was, and is, a near incestuous relationship between the Mainstream Media and Obama, many have, themselves, shut their ears to the never ending flood of rhetoric flowing from the White House and filtered through the caresses of the prime paramour -- the Mainstream Media.

Besides, the American public has been lied to so consistently by the Obama Administration that very little value is placed on anything coming out of the White House and NOTHING from the Mainstream Media.

You know, I have come to believe, along with a number of other commentators, that the primary concern of the political left is not so much the damage sequestration might cause to the country, but that there might not be any damage -- and -- that the American people will learn that spending CAN be cut and common sense brought back to the way we manage our nation's finances and American can pull herself together and regain her power and influence in the world.   I think the progressive left fears that outcome more than anything else.

Look.  If we cannot manage what amounts to a measly two-percent cut in our spending then, I have to believe, there is no hope of America ever setting herself aright.

The President may have bitten off more than he can chew this time.  Another President once said:  "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool ALL the people All the time."  Apparently, Obama has never heard that expression.

Peggy Noonan asked in a recent column:  "How's the president's game going?"  She went on to say:  "What's new is that almost everyone does seem to understand he's playing games. He used to get more credit. His threats of coming mayhem and his lack of interest in easing it have dimmed his luster."  SOURCE:

It has become obvious over the past few weeks that Obama has never shifted out of campaign mode.  He is campaigning for the 2014 takeover of the House of Representatives by the democrats giving him complete and utter control of the Congress with no electorate to answer to for two whole years.  That's what Obama wants and that is his goal.

Ms. Noonan calls it "permanent campaign:" " ... the president's disdain for Congress and for Republicans, the threats of damage unless he gets his way, the first lady's forays—is part of the permanent campaign, and the immediate sequester campaign.

But they push it too far. It feels uncalibrated, over some invisible line.

It looks like what critics have long accused this White House of being—imperious, full of overreach, full of itself."

Frankly, my only concern about the effects of sequestration is that which it will have on the US military.   It cannot even be argued that it will decimate the US Armed Forces at a time when we are quite probably the most vulnerable we have ever been to rogue nations like North Korea and Iran not to mention the ongoing terrorist threats.

Congress should move immediately to do whatever is necessary to see that the deep cuts to our military are mitigated.

In the long run, this sequestration thing might turn out to be a good thing for America.  It is just possible that we might actually learn a little about the value of things. Even more importantly, we might learn WHICH things we REALLY need and those we don't.

Now THAT ought to scare the living daylights out of the government!

© J. D. Longstreet

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