Sunday, March 10

How to take on the powerful news media, Part 6

This article is re-posted from The Victory For Liberty Center.  It is part of an on-going series.

Journalists are not always what they seem.  Often, journalists are incompetent ninnies who lack technical and business knowledge.  Given their incompetence, why do we continue to seek information from them?

It is common to find various technical errors in journalistic publications.  Tools and machinery are often misnamed, shotguns are called rifles, scientific terms are confused, and many other mistakes are made on a regular basis.  Journalists are continuously proving their own incompetence, ineptitude, and ignorance.  Often, anemic people with little practical or technical know-how pursue journalism as a career out of desperation.  It is a field within which they can survive, since the basic standards of accuracy and knowledge have been lowered significantly.  Journalism as a profession has become little more than professional gossip.  This field draws in all kinds of useless individuals, who fail elsewhere.

Journalism is a peculiar field. The interesting thing is, that journalists do not have to be right.  They are allowed to be wrong, and are encouraged to be biased by their producers and superiors. Unlike in most professional fields, wrongness is accepted, and knowledge is not a requirement for employment.  All journalists have to do is talk, and talk endlessly.  They do not even have to talk about real issues of importance.  Call to memory all of the "filler" stories we see on slow news days.

Now that we have established that the news media is a "low-knowledge" field, it stands to reason that those who do not know much about anything--except talking--fill its ranks.  The journalists of today are almost categorically amateurs at what they do.  So why do we trust them and the information that they communicate?  Are we not continuously finding errors in their material, and the projection of their personal opinion upon news stories?

Many of us have come to this realization already.  Unfortunately, many Americans have not.  Therefore, in order to discredit the news media and to decrease the receptiveness of their intended targets (readers and viewers), we must effectively communicate this message.  Once the general perception of journalists is lowered, the public will be less inclined to listen to them.  This is not a dishonest tactic, it is actually quite honest.  The American people need to be enlightened about the typical incompetence of journalists, and must assume an awareness that they are lied to on a daily basis by these biased, political hacks.  

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