Sunday, March 10

Question OTD For Libs

GrumpyElder has a post up about a poll taken by MSNBC.  "Do you agree with policy of targeted killing of American citizens?"  And the answer - MSNBC Viewers Overwhelmingly Support Murder By Executive Order

The same people who considered waterboarding a crime when George Bush was president have no problem with Obama  ordering the murder of US Citizens, along with anyone near them, without even giving a reason..  MSNBC viewers support murder by a 4 to 1 ratio according to a poll conducted by Ed Schultz.

And so the question of the day to liberals - As the new play toy of one BHusseinO is undoubtedly the drone -  should his supporters worry just a little bit that drones don't KNOW s*** from shinola the difference between a lib and a conservative?

And with that  I am posting the below video again and possibly will put it in every future post until more than a few WAKE THE F*** UP!


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