Friday, March 22

Terry Jones Is A Nutcase…

And, we as Conservatives need to realize it…quickly!

If not for anything else, because he represents the insane rhetoric and activity the Main Stream Media leeches upon to paint us as a whole.

While the majority of Conservatives are not affiliated with his organization, the fact remains he has a following. And, we perpetuate that following with our actions…hence the reason for this post which will become clear in a moment.

Now before I start, let me preempt my readers by stating I realize there are fringe elements, on both sides of the aisle.

But, [Dr.] Terry Jones is worse. He plays on emotions under the guise of what we as Conservatives hold most dear, the Constitution of the United States.

And, in doing so, he arms our opponents with a mix of truth and deception (insane rhetoric and activity described above) later used to diminish the Conservative Movement.

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