Friday, March 22

Texas Schools are Teaching that 9/11 was America's fault?

What are they teaching kids now days? Prepare to be amazed. One Texas mom is very angry after discovering what was on her son’s quiz. What is the proper answer to this question:
Why might the United States be a target for terrorism?
A. Other people just don’t like Americans.
B. Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.
C. Terrorists hate everyone.
D. None of the above.
Shockingly the correct answer to this was B. That’s right, the schools are teaching our children to make excuses for terrorists.
This is part of the CSCOPE curriculum system. Does that surprise anyone? It certainly doesn’t me. It is a liberal indoctrination system of education. The system is anti-American, and has radical content, and generally promotes Islam and Socialism.  If you haven’t learned about CSCOPE and you have a kid in school learn about it.  This is one of the reasons my children go to private school.
Another issue Kara Sands, had with the CSCOPE learning?  The Version of the Bill of rights that they are teaching kids. Question: Is food and medicine a civil right or a personal responsibility?  Kara Sands Son answered: Personal responsibility.  He got that wrong. Apparently medicine and food is no longer a personal responsibility, but a civil right.  Other fascinating lessons in CSCOPE include gems such as;  Asking the students to design a flag for a “new socialist nation”, and teaching that the Boston Tea Party was “an act of terrorism”.
Mrs. Sands was livid and approached immediately her son’s principal and teacher and wanted to meet with them. The school then reportedly contacted the video’s distributor Safari Montage.  However this is what the statement issued said,“Representatives say they stand behind the video, but have already changed the corresponding quiz that may have caused confusion.”
Mrs. Sands is not content with this answer and is planning to bring the issue up at the next school board meeting along with several other parent.  Mrs. Sands made the statement: “When I teach my children that you have to work hard and you have to earn a living and they go to school and learn something different I absolutely take issue with that,”
Well, in my opinion Mrs. Sands is absolutely right. We cannot stand by and let our children be taught this garbage. Is it any wonder that our nation is slipping in the international education rankings? I mean with these schools discouraging excellence and rewarding mediocrity and now teaching this kind of garbage?  When do we say, “ENOUGH!” It is time for us to take back our schools. They are KILLING our children’s minds. If this is the garbage that a public school education teaches then home school, private school, whatever you can do, but don’t allow this.
This is how the liberals work. They are patient and will gradually, over the course of decades change the way we think. It’s already happening. How the hell else could Barack Obama get reelected?  We cannot allow this to happen. You must take responsibility and become pro-active in your kids education. Otherwise they are going to be taught this garbage.
I ask you America. When is it truly going to be ENOUGH.

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