Monday, March 25

Why the pro-choice people should STFU about soda bans, and smoking

I mean really lets think about this. If you are pro-choice, you believe the government should butt out of things that are about our bodies right? How many times have I heard, “Her body, her choice”, or” tell the government to butt out of MY UTERUS”. Well, I got to thinking about this. Isn’t what we consume OUR CHOICE?  OUR choice of what to put into our bodies. Our choice to make decisions that affect our health. OUR CHOICE!! I am sick to death of hearing these pro-choice fools screaming about how its a woman’s body, and the government has no right to tell them what to do with it. Then, in the next sentence they begin to command OUR government to start making decisions about our health. WTF is going on here?
my body my choice
Maybe smokers should tell the government…GET OUT OF MY LUNGS. MY BODY MY CHOICE. Who cares if it costs you your life. I mean after all, no one cares if abortion costs a baby its life. Who do you think you are to think you can tell a grown adult to not smoke. Its their choice to kill themselves with emphysema, lung cancer and COPD. How DARE you think you know whats best for smokers. My goodness, who cares if the second hand smoke hurts people. Its their choice to leave the area.
Or the soda ban. How can ANY pro-choice person support this. It is their body. Fat people everywhere are crying out… MY BODY MY CHOICE!!! GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY DIGESTIVE TRACT!! This is the exact type of backwards thinking that causes their “outrage” to be laughable at best.  I mean come on. You want to stop people from ordering large Soda’s because it is bad for them and hurts their health, yet you will support something that clearly, and definitively causes multiple health and mental problems. All that is under the guise of ‘choice”. Why don’t you say what you really mean, its your choice, unless a liberal disagrees with your choice. Then its time to make another useless prohibitive law.
ban everything
What do you think? Should pro-choice people STFU about smoking and soda? I mean after all its their body!!

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