Friday, April 19

Boy Scouts decide to admit openly gay youth members

Today, amid all the top news stories, about the Boston bombing suspects, the tragedy in West Texas and the Gun control decision raging all over the media, a quieter story was overlooked. The Boy Scouts of America decided to change a 105 year old policy of not admitting openly gay members. That’s right, BSA is now open to homosexual members, with one caveat: There will be no troop leaders or adults in charge that are gay.
boyscouts of america

It seems almost sneaky the way the announced it. They picked the perfect time to announce it to get no press. The resolution still has to be ratified, but it is expected to pass. The resolution states: “no youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone,” This is a huge change for the BSA, and was not an easy decision for them to make. They have come under tremendous pressure from the MSM, and even states who are threatening to deny them tax exempt status as a non-profit if they do not admit gays.
According to Deron Smith a spokesperson for BSA it was a tough decision and the result of months of discussion and reading and listening to the outpouring of over 200,000 letters to BSA both in favor of admitting Gays and against.
I think this is a massive cop-out.  I understand it, because the pressure to cave was just so intense.  They were threatened with losing funding, kicked out of schools as a meeting place, and generally bullied into reversing over 100 years of tradition. No wonder they announced it on a day like today. They figured that with everything going on , who would notice that the BSA decided to admit gays. It’s a sad day when organizations like BSA has to make press releases in stealth, and hang their heads in shame for caving to the liberal media. Yet that is what we have been reduced to. The BSA once a symbol of youth on the right track will now admit homosexuals. I am so disappointed and disheartened. Is nothing sacred? I have held my tongue somewhat about gay marriage because at least that involves adults, but this is just wrong.
The BSA were always such a noble, and decent group of kids. Now we will have to have sensitivity training, and accept homosexual behavior as the norm. I am so disgusted with the media and BSA right now. Is there nothing safe? Is there nowhere that deviant sexual behavior is not allowed? What part of being straight is supposed to be bad? We don’t  discuss our sexuality all the time, why do the homosexuals have to constantly trumpet their orientation to the world. Most of us can figure it out without a “gay pride” statement. For that matter what about straight pride? Is it really anything to even be proud of? No. It is just your sexual orientation. Shut up about it.
Boy Scouts of America just got a black eye. I am afraid that BSA days of glory are headed for distant memory.

1 comment:

anonymous said...

" Is there nowhere that deviant sexual behavior is not allowed?"

They can't forbid gay kids from joining boy scouts - they aren't requring that boy scouts organize gay sex orgies and humiliate heterosexuals.

"What part of being straight is supposed to be bad?"

Nobody says being straight is bad.

I will say that every part of being like you is bad, however.

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