Thursday, April 25

FEMA: Zombie UFO Crash Disaster Full-Scale Exercise Idaho 27th April 2013

Sounds like a bad joke, right? Well, it's not. This is an actual drill that FEMA is planning for this Saturday in Moscow, Idaho from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. David Lory VanDerBeek, candidate for Nevada Governor in 2014 first broke this story on March 3, 2013. When he did, FEMA immediately took the exercise off of their website and made it available only to coalition members.

However, Mr. VanDerBeek took screenshots of the websites plans. They are here:

This is a tax payer funded exercise and it begs the question of why? Why would they be holding an exercise concerning zombies and aliens? Certainly not to just waste money. Obama could just take a few more vacations to do that. No, there is something else going on here. What is the government planning?

Let's explore a few "out there" scenarios. Why not? This is an "out there" drill. First, what if the government plans on releasing some sort of virus that eats at the flesh and makes humans seem like zombies? What if they order the troops and first responders to shoot at will to these "infected" individuals? Or, maybe they have a lab set up know, one of those "secret labs" the government has, and they are telling our troops that aliens have infiltrated the human population. You can't tell the difference between the aliens and regular people but they are to shoot to kill those they are told to shoot and kill.

All of this sounds crazy, right? Well, so does having an alien/zombie drill. Something is going on here. And it isn't good. Stay awake and stay prepared. The ride might get a little bumpier.


Anonymous said...

My question is why do they need to spend thousands upon millions of dollars to train for something the the CDC says "Is not real" hmm sounds suspicious right? Yeah, that's what i thought too. I have done some research of my own and have found out that the CDC has created a rabbies-flu hybrid that has the characteristics of what some might call a zombie virus. Also what has me concerned is that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased 1.5 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition. The military can't use them in war so why buy so many? There is something going on here. I personally believe that they are going to release something. I have also found that on 9/11 that DHS did a drill a few blocks away from the twin towers that was for the exact same thing. I also found out that they did the same thing with the 2005 London bus bombing and the Sandy Hook school shooting. DHS and Halo corp. also did a similar zombie drill on a 40 acre island off the coast of San Diego. Things aren't adding up here if I were you I would watch the news for the next couple weeks really closely. It is only a matter of time before something happens. Stay awake and stay aware and never trust the government.

The Conservative Wife said...

My thoughts exactly.

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