Monday, April 29

He’s Making A List, Checking It Twice…Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty Or Nice!

No, Santa’s not coming to town. It’s just the first thing that popped in my head upon recalling the Department of Homeland Security’s (“DHS”) practice of monitoring social media for trends and/or signs of potential civil unrest.

The type of civil unrest requiring DHS’s purchase of 2700 armored vehicles and an estimated 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition?

You be the judge because Janet Napolitano refuses to answer any questions regarding the supposed expenditures.

Though, it’s in light of this information that I’m reminded of DHS Undersecretary Caryn Wagner’s 2011 revelation:
The wave of civil unrest that has swept the globe over the past year has prompted the Department of Homeland Security to step up its monitoring of Twitter and other social networks in a bid to pre-empt any sign of social dislocation within the United States.
You’ll remember this was a big story when Wagner announced that the federal agency would implement new guidelines focused on “gleaning information from sites such as Twitter and Facebook for law enforcement purposes.”

So, how have they done...

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