Monday, April 29

Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Around The World On The Taxpayers Dime

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lees Round the World Trip Cost U.S. Taxpayers $23K

There she is...the horse faced congresswoman from Houston. Always opening her big mouth to let the stupid fall freely from it. She recently took a trip to Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia, and then came back by way of Germany. The reason? To meet with local community leaders, adoption officials, and other government officials, such as the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs. The cost? $23,646.

There's our tax dollars hard at work. So big mouth Lee can go talk about invalids and social affairs. Wow. Talking social affairs with the communists. That's great... (sarcasm) I'm only surprised the cost isn't more. Lee is also a huge supporter of gun control and is against voter ID laws.

People like her only want illegals to vote because they know they vote democrat. Everywhere else, you have to show ID. To open a bank account, to buy cigarettes or alcohol, to get food stamps...everything else except to vote. You have to have a license in order to drive. And all of those who use public transportation, again, you have to have ID to get public assistance, so it is ridiculous to think they have no ID. They do. But they will do anything they can to act the victim so they can get more for doing less.

Please vote this woman out Texas. She isn't even a true Texan. She is a transplant from Queens, NY. Ugh...the absolute horror. And I'm not just referencing her face, either.

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Audieleon Green said...

Beautiful lady,not quite up to Hillary or Janet Reno's standards

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