Thursday, April 4

How to take on the powerful news media, Part 8

  This article is re-posted from The Victory For Liberty Center.  It is part of an on-going series.

An important step in limiting the public's receptiveness to the news media's attacks on liberty is to demonstrate that the news media is an extension of the Democrat Party.  This fact must be spread so that the citizenry are able to resist the propaganda that the news media spreads.

There is no need for a propaganda department.  Those politicians who seek to limit or end liberty have no need of a propaganda arm (though many would consider the Press Secretary to be a propagandist).  The news media achieves these ends for them.  Journalists with "thrills up their legs" for Leftist causes promote the enemies of liberty with biased journalism, false narratives, fake data, the illusion of public consensus, the devaluation of the American system, and the proposal of Leftist policies as solutions while Conservative and Libertarian proposals are shunned.

In an early post, the basic methodology of the news media's campaign against liberty was revealed (see the post on January 1, 2013).  These processes executed by journalists of all types and levels are used constantly to create the false image of the Left's plan as workable, just, and noble.  On the contrary, these poisonous policies are geared toward destroying our nation's system, and building in its place a Leftist Tower of Babel.

One of the key measures taken by the news media with regards to the President, is that they have created the myth that he is not actually ruling.  Therefore, he has no actual responsibility.  Nothing is blamed on him.  He is framed as the hero seeking to overthrow an unjust system that is causing pain and class-struggle.  The problems generated by his party are blamed on The Constitution, the top earners, and Republicans.  The President is never wrong, only misunderstood.  He simply has not been able to rule yet, and has no part in the continuously sluggish economy, rising healthcare premiums, and the erosion of liberty.  He is given a free pass.  He is truly a mythical character in the news media.

Furthermore, when a Republican politician offers resistance to Leftist policy (like Rand Paul), they are framed as "extreme."  Only those Republicans who have been neutered and seek compromise at every turn are spared scrutiny.  This is how the news media is seeking to change the Republican Party.  There are two effects that come from this nominalization: 1.) A lack of support from Libertarian and Conservative voters due to the impurity and perceived similarity of Republicans to Democrats.  2.) The slow erosion of the principles of liberty that exist within the Republican Party platform.  Indeed, the news media's subversive campaign has taken its toll on the Republican Party, which it falsely frames as old fashioned (as if everything old fashioned is bad), racist, bigoted, fear mongering, party-poopers. 

Once the public begins to see that the majority of the news media serves as a propaganda machine for the Administration and Democrat Party, then they will be more skeptical, and far less receptive to the news media's onslaught against this nation and its liberty.

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