Wednesday, April 10

Sheriffs in Colorado suing their own state and publicly refusing to enforce the new gun control laws.

In a shockingly defiant move, over half of the sheriff’s in Colorado are suing their own state over the new gun control laws.  Yesterday  Sheriff John Weld  made the announcement. Mr. Weld has  come under fire for publicly stating that he is refusing to enforce the new laws on the citizens of his county because he says the laws are unconstitutional .
” The legislators ignored the will of the people and passed these unconstitutional gun laws and they need to be held accountable for their decision.”
37 of the states 62 sheriffs will be filing against the state. David Koeppel will be handling the case. He is an attorney with the independence institute, and says that they will be filing within the next few weeks.  He believes the Sheriffs have a good case.
John cooke
Democratic lawmakers in the state, say they were pressured by the Obama administration to pass the gun control bill in spite of growing opposition from both law enforcement and their constituents.  In fact Joe Biden made a special trip to Colorado to help put pressure on the democratic state officials.
“He (Biden) said it would send a strong message to the rest of the country that a western state had passed gun-control bills,” Tony Exhum, a Democratic lawmaker from Colorado Springs, told the Denver Post.
Another democratic lawmaker, Mark Ferrandino admits that he knew that the bill introduced by his fellow Democrats had National implications.
“I was shocked that he called. He said he thought the bills could help them on a national level,”
The democrats, shoved through some major bans on large capacity magazines, and event the hand to hand transfer of such magazines.  This means that if you own them, and hand them to a friend or neighbor to hold, or even assist in cleaning, you would be in violation of the law.
John Cooke, the leader of the group of Sheriffs involved in the lawsuit, explained that the new laws as written are not only unconstitutional but  unenforceable.
“Those who currently own magazines that hold over 10 rounds are grandfathered in,” Cooke said. “However, if a resident goes to another state and buys an illegal magazine after the law takes effect, we have no way of way of knowing when he purchased it unless he admits it to us. Remember, the burden of proof is on us to prove he broke the law, not for him to prove he didn’t.”
The gun control, battle in Colorado has been in the National spotlight, after Representative Joe Salazar made some pretty embarrassing statement by saying that rape victims shouldn’t own weapons specifically  because they might accidentally shoot someone thinking they were a rapist.  Then adding to the notion that Colorado doesn’t know what they are doing,  Dianna DeGette demonstrated a woeful ignorance of the fact that magazines are not actual bullets and can be refilled.  She sounded like an idiot and the vast majority of the people who were in the room chuckled at her obvious gaffe.
gun rights
Ok if they don’t even know what the hell a magazine actually is, why on earth would they want to ban them. She sheer stupidity of this makes me angry.  I don’t understand, well, I take that back I do understand the force behind passing such laws. It is pure unadulterated leftist, fear mongering. It has been successful in some states. They have shoved legislation through that they don’t even understand because Obama’s drive to “protect us” from our law abiding selves, has become all encompassing. It is just one more step in the direction of making us a “collective”. Governed only by federal law, and stomping on states rights. He pressures the states to ignore their constituents, and apparently the constitution as well.
I am thankful there are good sheriffs in Colorado who wont allow this to happen without a fight. If you can’t trust your law enforcement to know what is best regarding gun control, then who can you trust? They are the ones who are in the trenches so to speak, they are the ones who are facing the danger.  They should know if the laws make the state safer or not. Apparently legislators have ignored the outcry and the logic from their own law enforcement and  the voices of their constituents and passed a law that they clearly haven’t read enough to understand.
I hope the Sheriffs in Colorado win their fight against more Tyranny from the Obama administration. We should all donate money to their cause.

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