Thursday, April 11

To report or censor violent crimes against women in Black or Muslim communities

You need to listen and watch this clip to understand the depravity of the minds of these women. They are saying it is all right to not report or under report rapes and other violent crimes committed by Black or Muslim men because it might make that community or Black and Muslim men look 'bad'.

Here is a very astute observation from one of the fine commentators over at The Last Refuge. This site has some of the most intelligent and common sense readers you can find ANYWHERE.

Czarowniczy says: Well you can wipe that Muslim question right off the white board, women are property and abusing said property is condoned in the Koran. As for minority violence – that’s the result of 400-plus years of socioeconomic and cultural oppression…never mind, I’ll phone it in.

That is 100% correct, Under Islam, women are just another form of property and that is how they are treated. What Czarownizcy states about minority crimes and socioeconomic conditions is spot on target. Let us not forget that much of that said oppression is the direct result of Black politicians doing all they can to keep their minority constituents tied to the liberal progressive plantation way of doing things. Add to that the idea that minorities must have, are ENTITLED TO as many government entitlement programs as possible and that minorities are unable to make it on their own.

One cannot make up such horrible logic such as what these women are expressing and sharing with each other. If you can stand it, listen to the entire interview. So we do not report such crimes against women because it might promote and fuel racism? Got that? PatriotUSA

From The Last Refuge.


Ideological Angst: MSNBC Struggles With “how” To Censor – Based on Ideological Belief of The Network and Hosts…..
By Sundance

Now – This really happened (obviously because it’s on tape), and yet “Progs” (that means you progressives) will look around saying: “wha, what… so what, it doesn’t mean anything”?

Here’s the issue being debated. If black men, or Muslim men, commit violence against women, should the media:

a) ….report the violence because the victim is female, and this supports our agenda


b) ….. censor the violence because the perp is a racial minority, and that does not support our agenda.


Source is here

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