Thursday, April 11

Never forget!

Now in the midst of the Leftist anti-gun push, we must prepare ourselves for upcoming elections in addition to communicating a pro-liberty message to politicians.  When the next round of elections comes, we must remind our fellow citizens that the true colors of the Democrat Party were exposed.  Since the Sandy Hood shooting, it has been the Democrat Party that has lead the way in the push for Second Amendment infringements.  Before the election, many thought that gun control was a dead issue for Democrats.  They were wrong.

Now, often, Libertarians have criticized the Republican Party for various reasons, namely the Patriot Act.  But credit must be given when due.  The Republican Party as a whole has stood firm in its commitment to the Second Amendment. The happenings of the last few months have repeatedly demonstrated it.

Constantly, the Democrats have sought further gun control, despite public opposition and despite obvious and easily accessible data on crime that proves gun control to be an epic failure.  This is yet another demonstration that the Democrat Party is an organization opposed to liberty, proclaiming as their platform that the concepts of the past are "outdated."  They have demonstrated their ineptitude and fallacious thinking in that they are members of the historical "Progressive" movement.  Gun ownership is foreign to a party of ninnies and degenerate malcontents.  These children in adult clothing are opposed to all institutions of the past out of sheer rebellion.  They feel that they are the guides of a brave new world, in which we are subjected to their visions of Panacea.

It is our job to remind people that the true colors of the Democrat Party were shown, and they are not red, white, and blue.

The Victory For Liberty Center is committed to informing and coordinating grassroots efforts that will lead to victories for liberty over tyranny.  VFLC encourages activism and provides the tools with which lovers of liberty can win.  VFLC does not seek to be labeled "Conservative," "Libertarian," or "Republican," nor does it disdain any of these categories.  All there is, is a love for liberty.  VFLC seeks to foster unity, and to spread information as well as aggressive tactics pertinent to the cause of liberty.  Together, we can win!  Join us at

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