Saturday, February 1

Coronavirus May Bring More Job Back to America

 In modern day history, a pandemic has stemmed from China. Whether they are modernizing biological warfare is up to debate, but we can’t ignore the fact that the Coronavirus, Bird flu, and SARS originated from China.

American businesses  in China are re-evaluating if their business interest should be brought back to America. Disruption to the product line will affect sales; and eventually, it will affect jobs. Overall, it will affect the global economy.

Yes, it is a travesty that the world is being affected by a pandemic called the Coronavirus. I won’t minimize it. However, as in every pandemic we faced, we overcome and we move on.  Because of technology, we fine cures via vaccines and medication. We have survive the Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Zika Virus, Ebola Virus, and the SARS to name a few. Most of these pandemics are a distant memory, but the lives lost won’t be forgotten.

Now, if business want to survive, they need to make sure the supplier chain isn’t jeopardized. Any interruptions will affect the company. A disruption will make or break a business. In China, Apple closes all offices and stores in China because of the Coronavirus. Even though it is a mega company, it should survive the ordeal. What about companies smaller than Apple in China? I don’t think they would fare any better.

Since China is in a economic downturn, many business are starting to evaluate their future. Because the practice of transparency in China is dismal, it has become a huge concern with American business interest in that region. With the America/Mexico/Canada trade deal that was signed last week, it makes bringing back jobs to America more lucrative.

Coronavirus May Bring Jobs Back to the USA

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