Sunday, May 12

Crazy Nancy Attacks GOP Over Benghazi

She's at it again...opening her mouth to let the stupid come forth. Now Nancy Pelosi is blaming the GOP of exploiting the Benghazi, Libya attacks on September 11, 2012 so they can avoid talking about anything else. That's the point, Nancy! When you liberals demand that the subject is changed, we better dig deeper into the issue you don't want to talk about.

Jay Carney says Benghazi happened a long time ago. John Kerry says we need to move on to other, more important issues. Hillary asks what difference does it make. The reason this is important is because it will bring down the liberals. Destroyed. And they are fighting against that tooth and nail, only they are digging their own hole deeper with every word.

The American people demand an answer from this administration and since none is forthcoming, we will seek until we find it. Benghazi has the potential to take out a few establishment republicans as well. John McCain and even Boehner has been told that he had better step up to the plate and do his job or else he will be just as guilty as the rest.

The ball has been set in motion and it is a steam roller going right over Washington. Sides are going to be chosen and people are going to throw others under the bus to save themselves. The fireworks have started. Now let's see who will survive the fallout. My guess is that it will be Patriots...not progressives.

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