Friday, May 10

Evidence says that the Tsarnaev brothers have killed before

In a surprising twist of the Boston Bombing case, it appears that the Tsarnaev brothers have killed before.  Massachusetts investigators have found what they consider mounting evidence, supported by “forensic hits” that the Tsarnaev brothers may have committed a grisly triple homicide back in 2011.
The Massachusetts authorities urge caution before jumping to conclusions, and warn that more DNA evidence is needed before they could consider bringing an indictment against the youngest brother, Dzhokhar. Tamerlan , the oldest brother was fatally wounded in a shootout with police in the days following the April 15th bombing.
Authorities have told ABC news, that forensic evidence matches the two Tsarnaev brothers, and cell phone records place them in the area of the murders on the night in question. The investigators discovered a connection after the shooting with Tamerlan and Brendan Mess, one of the three men killed in a brutal triple homicide on September 11, 2011.  Officials say the Mess and two others were found with their throats slit and covered in Marijuana. Tamerlan and Mess did boxing and Martial Arts together.
This should surprise no one. Terrorists like the Tsarnaev brothers have no conscience. They do seem to like important dates. September 11, and April 15th are important days in the United States. I find it bitterly ironic, that the two brothers, hated America enough to commit an act of terror, despite the fact that the Tsarneav brothers were welcomed and well treated in the U.S. They received lots of Government assistance. Something in the ball park of 100,000 dollars. Dzhokhar, was accepted into Dartmouth and allowed to carry a 20,000 dollar balance, pending an expected financial aid payment. I find it odd that not only did they carry his balance for him, which could be understood if he was an excellent student, but the New York Times reports that he had failed SEVEN classes over 3 semesters. This is extraordinary for a college like Dartmouth. Dartmouth would not confirm if he had indeed failed that many classes nor was any type of Academic discipline confirmed.
When you add this new information, with what we already knew, it starts to paint a strange picture. First they immigrate to our country, on the premise of political asylum. We support them, and give them section 8 housing, foodstamps , medicaid, etc. Then they go back to Chechnya, and associate with radical Islamic groups.  The CIA was informed of this, and still did nothing. Tamerlan Tsarnev gets married and has a child. Dzhokhar is allowed to continue at a prestigious college despite owing 20,000 dollars and failing many classes.
How could the government, be so involved in their lives, and give them such support and never get an idea that these guys were murderer and radical Islamic terrorists? I think that is a question that many people would like to know the answer to.

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