Friday, May 17

Jay Carney Says The Scandals Rocking The Obama Administration Don't Exist

Jay Carney Tells Piers Morgan Government Scandals Dont Exist

Jay Carney, Obama's little puppet, appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Live on Thursday and basically said that the so called scandals don't exist. Here is the excerpt from The Blaze.
“You’re concocting scandals that don’t exist,” Carney said, when show host Piers Morgan asked how the Obama administration would “restore the faith that some Americans have lost” in its transparency.
“Especially with regard to the Benghazi affair that was contrived by Republicans and, I think, has fallen apart largely this week,” Carney said.
He continued, “The fact of the matter is that this administration has a record on transparency that outdoes any previous administrations. And we are committed to that. The president is committed to that.”
Regarding the Benghazi attack, Carney dismissed it as “a faux controversy stirred up by Republicans.”

On the IRS issue: “When [President Obama] found out… that there had been inappropriate and wrong conduct by IRS personnel… he spoke out about it, he made clear he thought it was an outrage and he has taken action.” (Acting IRS Director Steven Miller submitted his resignation Wednesday.)

And on the Associated Press scandal, which Obama has only commented on to say that the White House had no knowledge of: “It is entirely inappropriate for a president… to engage in… a criminal investigation.”
So, when all else fails, just deny everything. That seems to be the mantra from this government. And you're right on ONE point, Carney...this administration does have a record on transparency that outdoes all previous administrations. You are as transparent as mud and you are committed to that. And to say that Benghazi is a faux controversy stirred up by Republicans is a slap in the face to 4 DEAD AMERICANS and their families.

Everything is coming undone at the seams and the only thing they have left to do is to try and distance themselves from...well, themselves. I guess in their little minds, being stupid and uninformed is better than having the knowledge. Shame on you, Carney. You belong in jail along with all the others for obstruction of justice.

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