Friday, May 17

Woman thrown into Arab Jail after being Gang Raped: More from the Religion of Peace

In yet another demonstration of the “kindness” of the Muslim faith, and a horrifying example of what life under Shari’a law is like for women, a young woman is speaking out about her experience with Shari’a law.  Alicia Gali, an Australian woman went to work in Dubai at one of the worlds largest hotel chains, Starwood. Dubai is considered  the shopping capital of the middle east, and their economy is the envy of many countries.  Only about 20% of workers in Dubai are local, most people are from other countries. They are considered a VERY tourist friendly, and “modern” nation. A model if you will for the Middle East.
alicia gali
Yet even in this mecca of civilization, the hard truth is Shari’a law is the system of governing. Ms. Gali found out exactly how “uncivilized” Shari’a law is. Mrs. Gali was using her laptop in the hotel bar, when her drink was spiked. She awoke several hours later to find out that she had been brutally gang-raped by 3 of her Muslim colleagues. Alone, and in pain, and terrified  Mrs. Gali made the mistake of going to the hospital. What poor Alicia Gali, did not know was that if a woman is raped, and the rapist does not confess, under Shari’a law accusations of rape must be supported by 4 adult Muslim males. Sadly Mrs. Gali was thrown into a filthy prison for 8 months for the “crime” of Adultery.
Watch as Alicia Gali, tells the horrifying story of the Dark Side of Dubai and her horrible experience there.

This should be a valuable lesson for those who believe that Islam is the religion of peace or of Love. I absolutely hate it when people say we should not judge the entire faith by the actions of a few. What do you mean of a few? This is law is many, many  Islamic countries. This is the law we assisted in implementing in  Libya, and Egypt. That’s right, within 24 hours of the fall of Gaddafi’s regime, Shari’a law was implemented in Libya. I bet the women over in Libya were really happy about that. In Egypt, the women there lament the loss of freedom and say they were better off under Mumbarak. Egypt is now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, we made great strides in “freeing” the middle east from Tyranny.
What people don’t get, is this is the NORM for a huge portion of the Middle East. They consider this type of oppression normal. That is par for the course. The suppression of women, and violence, is what they do.  Consider: This is a picture of the streets of Libya. One is during Gaddafi’s reign and the next is After we “helped” Libya.
libya before and after

libya before and after20
Anyway, I digress. People should stop believing the “Kinder, Gentler Muslim” Image that the MSM and liberal’s are trying to sell. It just doesn’t exist. Perhaps in this country they have been forced for so long to obey our rules, that they have adapted. However, Muslims in the Middle East are not kinder and gentler. They believe in conversion by force. Nothing else will work. Women, whether they are Islamic or not are forced to obey or pay the price. Can you imagine being brutally gang raped and put into a prison for Adultery?  Do not tell me anymore that Islam is the religion of Peace. Just ask Alicia Gali how “peaceful” Islam is.

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