Tuesday, May 14

The Impeachables

0bama is angry. He is trying to make it seem as though he is upset over the way "others" have been handling things and that he will get to the bottom of it. But we all know the truth. 0bama IS the bottom of all the scandals. His presidency has been wrought with scandal from the get go. Although there are many, let's just do a run down of the biggest. And if I have missed any, please let me know.

First, let's remember operation Fast and Furious. When our government gave guns to mexican drug cartels that were used to kill hundreds of innocent mexicans and one of our own border agents, Brian Terry. What was the real purpose of Fast and Furious? It was to "show" the American people that Mexican drug cartels could so easily walk across our border, buy guns, and then use those same guns in violent crimes...hence, tighter gun control laws. Only it didn't work. This administration is far to incompetent to ever pull anything off with perfection. The only thing they were able to accomplish perfectly was stealing an election twice. And that is only because there are so many low information, cerebrally challenged idiots that love him for giving them free crap.

Let's go to Benghazi. Things are heating up here and democrats are furiously trying to make it seem as though this is nothing more than an attempt by Republicans to politicize the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya ahead of the 2014 elections. After all, it happened a long time ago, right? Hmmm, then why do they still blame Bush for everything? That was a way longer time ago.

In the past couple of days, two more scandals have come to light. The IRS has admitted to targeting Conservative groups. But once again, poor 0bama didn't know anything about it. He read about it in the paper. Either this is the most diabolical president we have ever had or the most inept. He always claims he knows nothing about whatever new scandal comes about. Well, if you know nothing 0bama, then perhaps you should go back to Kenya. Your village is missing its idiot.

Now we have the news that the Justice Department has illegally tapped the phones of the Associated Press and has secretly obtained 2 months worth of records. Now, what in the world could they possibly want with that? More lists with which to target those who disagree with the dicktator in chief?

There have been numerous, and I do mean numerous, issues with this administration...all of which are impeachable offenses, but these seem to be the major ones although fast and furious seems to be all but forgotten. The latest 3 however are large enough to send 0bama packing. Heads are gonna role, folks. Grab the popcorn because things are getting interesting now.


conservativeBC said...

I crossposted this at im41.com http://im41.com/archives/28365 :)

The Conservative Wife said...

Awesome BC...Thanks

Molly said...

Its about time except I am worried they will try to push it under the rug and not do anything about BO or his administration. I say he should not be packing he should be moving to the island that the rest of the criminals are residing and while there he needs to take his ENTIRE administration with him.

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