Thursday, May 16

What the Obama-IRS Scandal means for 2014

 The current IRS Scandal that the administration is having to handle could prove to be a powerful tool in defeating a Leftist takeover in 2014.  The Democrat Party will be presented with the opportunity for one party rule in the 2014 election.  Should they receive this advantage, the effects will be devastating beyond our imagination.

In order to defeat the Democrats-who have proven themselves to be the party of tyranny over and over again-intelligent strategies must be employed.  Elections are won by strategy, and the tactics one chooses to employ are more critical than any public opinion poll.  One of the most effective methods of ensuring defeat for a candidate or a party, is to affix a list of unsavory labels to their name.

"Dishonesty," "Corruption," "Cheating," "Electoral Theft," and "Fraud" are all labels that are easily affixed to the Democrat Party.  Why?  Is it simply wishful thinking, or clever propaganda?  No, it is rather based on objective facts.  The trick is getting this message of truth to the public.

How does one affix these labels in order to prevent voter trust?  The simplest and most brutal method is to bombard mass media with ads and imagery suggesting such (which is what Leftist activists are good at).  But there are more effective methods to achieve this end.  Probably the best is education.  Voter education is the key that we must obtain to usher in a freer government, and stop the Democrat onslaught against The Constitution.  If someone can create a simple, concise lesson that can be taught to the general public in a matter of seconds, they become one of the most powerful opinion makers in the world.

In recent times, Rush Limbaugh began to label vast swaths of our population as "Low Information Voters."  Love him, hate him, question him, no matter what we may think of Limbaugh, he has uncovered a profound truth.  The American public is by and large, ignorant.  This is not the same as being stupid, or malevolent.  Rather, the average American simply does not understand the workings of government.  This must change, and we can and will change it.  Education is a core tenet of VFLC.

How can we utilize the IRS Scandal to demonstrate the Democrat Party to be unworthy of trust, morally bankrupt, and guilty of election rigging?  This is a golden opportunity, and one we cannot afford to waste. 

The Victory For Liberty Center is committed to informing and coordinating grassroots efforts that will lead to victories for liberty over tyranny.  VFLC encourages activism and provides the tools with which lovers of liberty can win.  VFLC does not seek to be labeled "Conservative," "Libertarian," or "Republican," nor does it disdain any of these categories.  All there is, is a love for liberty.  VFLC seeks to foster unity, and to spread information as well as aggressive tactics pertinent to the cause of liberty.  Together, we can win!  Join us at

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