Thursday, May 2

Yet Another Undercover Video Reveals The Truth About Abortion Doctors: “We Induce A Demise”

In yet another heartbreaking, and bone chilling undercover video, the anti-murder group Live Action releases a third video that shows an abortion doctor clearly talking about how they induce death. In the latest installment to their undercover expose Doctor Laura Mercer and an abortion counselor for planned parenthood, named Linda. The investigator is 24 weeks pregnant, and asks some unsettling questions. What is the most disturbing, are the answers to those questions.
The investigator asks Linda, what would happen if the baby survived the abortion… the answer makes you just cringe.
Sometimes they are [alive], yeah. But it doesn’t–it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will come out whole. ‘Cause they use suction, plus they use instruments so sometimes the fetuses don’t come out–you know, it’s not complete…
Investigator: But if it does come out whole…I mean, are–will they resuscitate it? Like, will I have to take care of it?
Linda: Uh-uh… No…They do not resuscitate.
Watch the chilling video

The the investigator meets with Dr. Laura Mercer, the abortionist/murderer who is violating the Hippocratic oath daily. Dr. Mercer explains the procedure.
We do the injection, which is a quick poke through your belly, um, and that stops the fetal heart, so that makes it so, if you were to deliver, there shouldn’t be movement. There shouldn’t be any of those things… Yes we induce a demise–an intrauterine demise… Um, death.
Then she gives further instructions about what to do in case she goes into labor before they get a chance to “induce the demise” .
No, call us first…if you showed up in an average emergency room with an emergency room physician who’s not a gynecologist, probably has never seen or done a termination, they will treat you as though you are somebody with a desired pregnancy…
Investigator: So they would basically like try to take care of it.
Dr. Mercer: Right they would intervene and do all kinds of crazy things that you don’t need to have done to you.”
Dr. Mercer
This just tells me what I have known all along was correct. These abortion mills are unethical, uncaring, and downright dangerous. They literally commit acts of murder. A 24 week fetus can survive if taken to the NICU immediately. Instead of doing what doctors are supposed to do, by saving people, sometimes in seeming miraculous ways, these inhuman monsters are destroying life. Killing the most unprotected of our people.
The thing liberals tell themselves, to help them sleep at night, is a lie. They try to convince themselves that Kermit Gosnell is the exception and must be pushed aside to protect “choice”. They all shake their heads and act sad, and say, well that man is horrid, but that is a rare and isolated instance. Yet here in plain view for everyone to see is yet another installment of uncomfortable truth. Abortion Mills, and Planned Parenthood are murdering, and don’t care a bit for women’s health. They are literally offering to break the law. Law REQUIRES that a baby born has the same rights to resuscitation and extraordinary effort to save them as another person. Yet these monsters clearly say, we wont resuscitate them. Making matters even worse they advise the women not to go to a hospital where they would receive good care, no instead they encourage these women to come to them so they can finish killing the baby. I wonder if they would care more if the killing was done with a gun.
murder abortion
How can this not change things? It wont. Liberals are too emotionless, when it comes to the welfare of a child. Instead, they concentrate all their energy feeling sorry for Homosexual, who can’t get married and murderers on death row. They have no sympathy for the babies that are killed, or for the women that are left bleeding and empty. They don’t care about anything but making sure that women keep the right to murder their babies.  How many of these undercover videos do we need before Eric Holder will investigate the butchery of Planned Parenthood. My guess is it won’t matter. It wont matter one bit. They will ignore the ugly truth that slaps them in the face and continue to protect murders all in the name of “choice”.

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