Thursday, May 2

Put one of these up on the White House lawn

So this is politically incorrect? I do not think so at all. What we, as a nation did to the Native Americans is a shameful part of our Republic's history. It is now history and this billboard is about NOW. When any nation forces it citizens to give up their weapons tyranny and chaos will soon follow.

I think these billboards should go up, all over in the states that have recently passed fascist gun control laws. One in downtown Portland, Oregon, one in Eugene, Salem. Better yet, Boulder, Colorado, Madison, Wisconsin, Dearbornistan, Michigan, Right out side the the traitor Bloomberg's office in New York City, all over Connecticut, and Illinois. You catch my drift and if not maybe it is because you are one of the many Low Information Voters who elected Obama twice and you have no clue as to what is really going down in our country. PatriotUSA

Story is here from the Blaze

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