Thursday, May 2

Michigan Dad Open Carry's his .45 into his daughter's school. What do you think Happened?

A Michigan man, decided to try an experiment.  He decided to open carry his .45 onto school property and into the school building.  He made sure to follow the laws of Michigan, and even though the state law does not require him to notify the school and authorities he did anyway, just so there was no misunderstandings . He didn’t want to cause fear and terror. He just wanted to experiment. When he informed the police department, a woman who is identified on the video as a deputy said,  “Obviously, you and I know I can’t stop you…I hope you realize what this is going to do to all those kids down there.”  He  responded, ” The kids will be alright”.

He then made a video of himself going into his daughters school, with the .45 strapped to his hip. He has a license to carry in his state, and it is completely legal. What happened next will befuddle hoplophobes all across America. No one seemed to notice much. They certainly didn’t show any fear. The video shows the man in the hallway, and the kids at the book fair, don’t even notice. There is no pandemonium, there is no fear, or anyone making a big deal.

What do I think of this? Well, it is his legal right to carry the gun.  I probably wouldn’t have uploaded the video to you-tube  only because this will give criminals the idea that they can walk into a school with a gun strapped to themselves and no one will notice. The man makes sure to emphasize that he is following state law, and that both the school and the sheriff’s department were notified in advance. He went above and beyond to make sure not to cause fear.  Though, I wouldn’t have made it a point to show, I understand the point behind the video.
fear of guns
Kids don’t run around in terror of being killed by a gunman. They shouldn’t. Their chances of being killed by a drunk driver, or a car accident are greater than the chances of them being killed by gunfire. In fact, their chances of being killed by an assault using a weapon is about 1 in 25,000.  So not generally a big fear. The lack of reaction is demonstrative of how normal people react to a law-abiding citizen carrying a firearm. Kids only learn to fear and be upset, when they are told to be afraid and upset. The liberal agenda is to drive fear into our children to make them afraid of guns. As you can see, those kids were not afraid of the man with the gun.  We should be teaching our children how to recognize true danger, instead of terrorizing them with non-issues. Teach them to recognize predators and teach them to defend themselves. Don't teach them irrational fears of something that will likely never happen. 


Admiral Kerfluffle said...

Short sighted and does nothing to advance the cause of protecting gun rights. Creating video examples of actions that the enemy will use as proof that they need to craft new laws can only backfire long term. This is nothing more than handing over to the idiots gasoline for the fire. If the goal is to educate the children about our rights, there are better ways to do it than crafting a potentially volatile situation that knuckleheads may respond to incorrectly, then claim that it is a "learning exercise" for the kids. It is not his job or responsibility to prove a point or teach other kids anything.
Just because he can do something, does not mean he should. Boneheaded move that accomplished nothing.

Piker said...

This does make the valid point that if Gov. had signed the super carry bill he could have worn his pistol concealed and all possibility of upsetting the kids would have been eliminated.

nssdiver said...

"It is not his job or responsibility to prove a point or teach other kids anything."

Says whom? Taking your cute little title a little far, aren't we?

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