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American Exceptionalism and true courage-Ondray Harris resigns from his job at District of Columbia over hiring protocols.

I had to share this story with all of you. Yes, I am being 'bad' but I do not care.

You will be smiling after you read this and yes, furious for knowing the horrors and of the wretched lies that we are now living because of political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturalism.

"Right is Right, even if nobody does it;
Wrong is Wrong, even if everybody does it."

Here is a man of exceptional moral strength and of "exemplary character", a man who stood up and spit into the face of political correctness because he saw what was taking place as WRONG and immoral. This is a person who refused to work in the gray area because everyone else was doing it and thought it was 'right' when such hiring protocols were horribly discriminatory, against the law and just plain wrong.

What he was questioned about was his hiring of a white woman who just happened to appear to be CONSERVATIVE or perhaps be Right Of Center. Oh no, the horror of it all,  Mr. Harris hired a white female Conservative. He was then taken to the woodshed and told “ to refrain from hiring white men” in the future to fill open attorney slots, according to Harris.

When I read this post over at The Last Refuge, it brought a smile to my face, peace into my mind and strength into my heart. This is a man who is a shining example of true AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM. Yes, it is still alive and well in some people and places. Few and far between but AE is still alive.

Ondray Harris just happens to be BLACK. Let this sink in for a minute or two.

He has an impeccable education, work history and the strong moral foundation and conviction to resign his job rather than roll over and place the race card of political correctness. Here is a bit about the college he graduated from one of the comments at the post over at TLR: "Mr. Harris received his Bachelor’s Degree from Hampden-Sydney College. The school’s mission is to “form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning.” As such, Hampden–Sydney has one of the strictest honor codes of any college or university. Upon entering as a student, each man pledges that he will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do; this pledge is binding for life. 

He sounds like a man of his word, and I applaud him for his action."

Here is the entire article and thanks to Sundance and The Last Refuge.

My post for today and may sneak in another tomorrow.


Uncommon Valor – One Courageous Man Refuses To Participate In Racism: Ondray Harris, Executive Director, Public Employee Relations Board of the District of Columbia, Quits Because Board Demands “No White People Allowed To Be Hired”

 By Sundance

MUST READ POST - It takes profound courage and exemplary character to do the right thing when everyone around you is willing to allow moral corruption:
Right is Right, even if nobody does it;
Wrong is Wrong, even if everybody does it.
Ondray Harris is a man of character, honor and courage – He was also the Community Relations Service Director of the Dept. of Justice / Community Relations Service (CRS) 2009/10.

Last week he quit….

…..because DC Board Members demanded he stop hiring “white people” -  His resignation speaks volumes to the changes now evidenced within the Dept of Justice. We have outlined those changes against the back drop of the George Zimmerman case – and we will continue to do so.

WASHINGTON DC - Ondray Harris, the African-American executive director of the Public Employee Relations Board of the District of Columbia, stepped down last week.

His resignation letter provides a disturbing look at alleged discriminatory and partisan conduct by the members of the board tasked with overseeing labor issues and the D.C. government’s relations with public employees.

Harris claimed in his letter that two members of the board, Don Wasserman and Ann Hoffman, complained over his hiring of a white female, Erin Wilcox, because they perceived her “as being conservative or politically right-of-center.”

According to Harris, at a meeting on Nov. 8, 2012, Hoffman declared that “somebody with a resume like hers doesn’t belong here” and “should never work here.”

Harris said he was “rebuked” by Wasserman for hiring white male employees despite the fact that no challenge was ever made by the board members to their professional “qualifications, competency, or efficiency.”

In fact, Wasserman told Harris to “refrain from hiring white men” in the future to fill open attorney slots, according to Harris.

As a civil rights lawyer and the former Deputy Chief of Employment Litigation in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Justice Department, Harris vehemently opposed these “illegal, unconstitutional, and discriminatory comments and hiring demands,” telling the board that it was asking him “to hire in a discriminatory fashion based on race, gender, and political associations.”

He warned the board that he would resign rather than carry out such policies.

Harris said the events of the Nov. 8 meeting were “so outrageous, shocking, and troubling” that he sought legal advice, including from the board’s counsel, Keturah Harley. (read more)

Eric Holder CRS

Community Relations Service Anniversary – August 25, 2009 – Attorney General Eric Holder delivers addresses at the 45th Anniversary Celebration of the Community Relations Service (CRS) event for Community Relation Service Director Ondray Harris.

Here is a speech delivered by Mr. Ondray Harris in 2009

ondray Harris

On July 2, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law.  His signature created the Community Relations Service to be the Nation’s
peacemaker during a time of racial tension, violence, and strife.  A unique task for sure, we are still the only federal agency charged with this great mission.  Seeking to heal the wounds of discrimination, bigotry, and racial bias, the Civil Rights Act was an important
step in the fight to unite our country.  After signing the Act into law, President Johnson said, “We have come now to a time of testing.  We must not fail. Let us close the springs of racial poison. Let us pray for wise and understanding hearts. Let us lay aside irrelevant differences to make our Nation whole.”

The man who delivered that speech in 2009 was forced by his strength of character to quit his job in 2013 because he refused to follow the racist rules of his supervisor(s). He was told not to hire white people!

Source is here from TLR.


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