Thursday, June 6

“Low Level” IRS Employee Is Naming Names In Targeting Scandal

It has been the mantra of the Obama Administration to blame others when the truth is close to being exposed. In the case of the IRS scandal in which conservative groups were targeted, the blame landed on “low-level” employees at a Cincinnati, Ohio office. But today, the Wall Street Journal released a new report in which they cite viewed transcripts of interviews with those so called lower level agents in which they name names of those in Washington who oversaw the action.

Elizabeth Hofacre, a Cincinnati agent, said, according to the transcripts of the interviews between the two Cincinnati agents and congressional investigators:

            “I was essentially a front person, because I had no autonomy or no authority to act on applications without Carter Hull’s influence or input.”

Hull is an IRS lawyer in Washington and he “closely oversaw her work and suggested some of the questions asked of applicants.” Hofacre has stated that she is furious and that she feels as though Lois Lerner was putting the whole thing on them. Another Cincinnati employee, Gary Muthert, said that he started gathering applications in March of 2010 at the request of an unnamed local manager who apparently told him that “Washington D.C.” wanted some cases. The name of the manager who asked for these applications has been redacted in the transcript. Muthert says that the same unnamed manager asked him to find all of the tea-party applications in the office, both pending and closed.

The fact that those in power can just pass the blame on someone or something else is very disturbing. They are all responsible for nothing yet the cause of everything. There have been so many scandals associated with this President and his administration and at any other time in history, it would be enough for even one of these things to cause impeachment, yet…he still reigns. We have had Fast and Furious, Ft. Hood shooting, Boston Bombing, Benghazi, the IRS, spying on the AP and James Rosen of Fox News, and yet, Mr. (p)resident knows nothing and neither do his “underlings”.

If these people aren’t stopped, we will lose our ability to ever stand and oppose them. We will become slaves to a system that rewards those who do evil and punishes those who try to do good. Satan is working through this administration and through those who blindly follow them. None of them are smart enough on their own to ever pull off the things that have happened. The sloppiness of the jobs they have done is testament to that. God is in control. He always has been. He is allowing these people to do what they will as according to His will. We have been lax for far too long and have allowed the Godless to prosper and now we are all paying for it. But the most important thing to remember is that God is in control. Not Satan and certainly not anyone in power anywhere in the world. He is watching and He is keeping track. And He will judge accordingly. If we take a stand for nothing else, I pray that we all take a stand for Him. He deserves that much at the very least.

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