Saturday, July 20

Benghazi Murders – the Obama Way

They are experts at covering up, hiding and withholding information.  It’s a way of life for the Obama Administration. Obama directs every scandal that comes our way from a distance – he is the director behind the director unscathed and free as a bird. 

His peons scramble to get the props in place before the sh--  hits the fan. Each one knows their part and sets the stage for his devious scandals. The Benghazi terrorist attack took four beautiful American Patriots from us and yet almost 11 months later, we’re just treading water playing the cat and mouse game just like we did with the Fast and Furious gunrunner project.

Panetta and Biden slinked away into the night hiding out in their assigned dog houses waiting, just waiting until the smoke clears.  Clinton scored a home run on the witness stand slipping, sliding and hitting one home run after the other. She knows the art of interrogation and pretty much shut her interrogators down as she finalized her testimony by thrashing about, raising her hand, grimacing and yelling, “What difference does it really make?”

Rice slipped thru the cracks for a while until Obama was ready to assign her a new position and her excuse for lying on National TV was this; she said she was just a patsy, I guess that’s a round about way of apologizing expressing that her lies on 5 National talk shows wasn’t her fault. Guess she’s not prepared to point her finger at anyone, but we all know someone in the White House wrote the script about video being responsible for the Benghazi massacre.  

Jay Carney came to the table doing his soft shoe dance pulling one rabbit after the other out of his hat for the news media spinning his falsehoods. Problem is Jay doesn’t have his hat anymore and has run out of rabbit food. The press is starting to prey on Jay and he’d best get his running shoes on, because the media no longer buys his lies.

And then there’s (Obama) - to hear him talk he no longer gets morning briefings and must depend on the news media to get him up to snuff. Obama will say, “I personally am not involved in these scandals, they are” – just who the heck is “They” Obama? 

The Benghazi murders remain a mystery, each player has lied and played the blame game.  There are many conspiracy theories about the Benghazi murders and so far the Obama Administration has managed to hide out above the law covering up their paper trail as they go... 

We do know starting in early 2012 Ambassador Stevens requested more protection and his requests were denied. We know Lamb watched the Benghazi terrorist attack on our Ambassador and other Americans in real time via the drones. We know that Obama, Hillary and Panetta were advised while still in the White House about the attack on our Consulate and Ambassador Stevens.  

We know that Obama split and ran that night to prepare for a political campaign in Las Vegas never to be heard from again.  Hillary did whatever Hillary does, maybe more wine tasting or possibly she flagged down a plane and went to her favorite Cuban bar (Cafe Havana) for a little bit of dancing and relaxation. Anyway out of sight, out of mind – Hillary wasn’t the least bit concerned about the Benghazi attack.

We know that our Military was given direct orders to step down leaving our Ambassador and three other American men at the mercy of the terrorists.

A quick snapshot of the Benghazi events seems self evident that the Benghazi scandal was pre-planned months before Sept 11, 2012. It’s doubtful that Obama, Hillary and Panetta wanted our Ambassador and three other Americans murdered by terrorists just before the Election.

The fact that Obama, Clinton and Panetta were apparently unconcerned, totally disengaged and uninterested when they were informed of the attack on our Consulate and Ambassador Stevens leads one to believe that the three didn’t think our Ambassador would be murdered. The orders to step down would suggest that they believed Chris Stevens would be kidnapped on the night of September 11, 2012, not murdered.

Their original Benghazi plan didn’t go off like clockwork; our four Americans were murdered by terrorists. Being between a rock and a hard place, Obama’s team realized that he would probably lose the Presidential Election if Americans caught wind of his negligence as Commander in Chief. 

So the Obama Administration switched gears blaming the YouTube video for the next 5 plus weeks. To solidify their scheme they had the creator of the video arrested in the middle of the night and placed behind bars. Obama and Hillary created a video for their Muslim friends apologizing for the video. 

Jay Carney, Susan Rice and the Liberal News Media were the appointed messengers to spread the word about the video.  Obama and Clinton followed suit putting on their sad faces, pretending outrage and beating the YouTube video to death, but it worked look who’s in the White House for a second term.   

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

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