Tuesday, July 23

Broken Promises...Not The Conservative Way!

The City of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy protection just as San Bernardino, CA, Stockton, CA, Jefferson County, AL, and Central Falls, RI, did in the recent past.

But, by far, Detroit is the largest to date. And, there’s certainly more to come (including the United States?).

While most Conservatives will cite bloated government as the cause for demise, Liberals, blame it on poor economic conditions facing the country today. And both are right…to a point.

Let’s be clear, the major reason for filing cited by all is unfunded liabilities in the form of pensions. Better stated, promises of benefits made to employees in return for years of work.

And, with bankruptcy looming on the horizon, these workers are potentially (probably) facing a drastic reduction in benefits. Benefits they've planned for their whole lives to support and or supplement their retirements.

Come on people…where’s the uproar? Broken promises are not how Conservatives operate. You can fault the local governments all you want…their too big…corrupt, etc…but, the fix should not be borne by the average worker who simply did his or her job with expectations of a return for their services in later life.

Conservatives rightfully believe in limited government and fiscal conservancy, and should continue to do so. But, they don’t fix problems by forcing their constituents to bear the brunt. Or, by allowing those across the aisle to do the same...

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Conservative Outcry said...

Likely to get my conservative credentials revoked!

neil schnurr said...

Look just back just a couple posts on this blog. (There's Plenty of Stupid to Go Around) City workers deserve at least some of the blame, so they should be held responsible and bear at least some of the burden of any fix.

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