Wednesday, July 17

CNN Guests Explode Over The Existence Of 'White Hispanic': Sorry To 'Pol...

WeAreTheSavageNation - Comedian Bob Thompson (DrinkingWithBob on YouTube) and Atlanta radio host Mo Ivory exploded at each other on CNN Wednesday, loudly disagreeing over the provenance of the term "White Hispanic" and the role of race in the George Zimmerman trial and beyond. Thompson objected to the racial lens he said the media used in covering the Trayvon Martin shooting, though he struggled to reframe the case in non-racial terms. "We keep categorizing this as a black/white issue, and that's the problem," Thompson said. "A term was invented for this case—'White Hispanic.' That never existed before this case."


barry soetoro said...

Since Zimmerman is a "White Hispanic," is Obama a "White Black?"

Stella said...

Just crazy talk....white Hispanic...Okay let's just make it up to prove our point about some term that never was before this trial. Miss Mo Ivory needs to educate herself on self lies she so easily speaks.

Stella said...

I'm so sick of the race issue...I just wanna puck!

Stella said...

Now we're making up nationalities....wonderful!

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