Wednesday, July 17

The Tae Kwon Do Fallacy

  At some point, we have all seen a martial arts demonstration.  For most of us it was at school, but it may have also been at church or any other social gathering.  A key component of the martial arts demonstration is as follows:  The Sensei, Master or demonstrator will illustrate a predicament along the lines of "Watch how I counter as this guy attempts an overhead knife attack."

  Theoretically great information, right?  Given the demonstration and a rudimentary grasp on physics, this could definitely counter the demonstrated motion.  This expo may go on to contain half-a-dozen or more scenarios along with the counters, all with karma being appropriately delivered to the bad guy.  So what's wrong with this demonstration?

  The problem with this concept is that one never knows where an attack is coming from, from what angle or how to counter it when it hasn't been seen in class.  While it's entirely plausible that an attacker will use textbook offensive maneuvers, it's a far cry from probable.

  I recently watched a video of a Hawthorne, CA police officer fatally shooting a rottweiler after it lunged at him making definite, though an indeterminable amount of contact.  ...Read the rest at

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