Friday, July 12

Stupid Liberals With Stupid Plans

Texas Abortion Activists Plan to Throw Tampons, Pads at Legislators

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 7/12/13 3:42 PM
As the Texas state Senate gears up to debate the late-term abortion ban and cast its first vote on it since a pro-abortion mob took over the state Senate weeks ago, abortion activists have devised a new way to disrupt democracy.They plan to throw tampons and pads at pro-life legislators — and they have already been warned by state troopers who protect the state capitol that throwing objects at legislators is not allowed.
This comes after abortion activists threatened to display their lady parts today.
What’s going on here?  What’s happened to this country?  How did we get to this point?  Does anyone remember thirty or forty years ago anyone telling anyone that this is how to influence the outcome of legislation?  Whatever happened to writing letters or making phone calls to your duly elected representatives?  Whatever happened to writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper?  Whatever happened to the notion that if you want to convince other people to support your cause, you must come up a rational, logical argument?

When I was a kid, my buddies would occasionally stoop to this level of immaturity, but the things we did, were frowned upon and referred to as fraternity “stunts” or “pranks”.  We would have never even dreamed of desecrating the sanctity of the state capitol, even though it was only a few blocks away.

As I said before, I take no sides on the abortion issue, because I feel that things are going to be a mess no matter what we do, but I do have a serious problem with the Pro-Do-Over (Pro-choice) people.

Who the hell are these people anyway?  What kind of crackpots are they?  Aren’t you glad you don’t have one of them for a neighbor or family member?  (My condolences to you ,if you do.)  Are they in that big of a danger of getting pregnant despite all the current means of avoiding it?  Is their urge to copulate so strong, that they know that they may give into it at any given moment, even if they gone through their supply of birth control supplies due to recent and extremely frequent use?

Someone needs to tell me how abortion differs from everything else.  The rule for almost everything in life is: “Avoid irresponsible behavior or suffer the consequences.”  Why should sexual activity be exempt from this?  Are the Pro-Do-Over people for some reason unable to avoid being irresponsible?

Check out the story above.  The Pro-Do-Over people are “planning” on throwing tampons and pads at pro-life legislators.- Like it’s such a complicated strategy.  I can just imagine them surrounding a table under a single light in a dark room looking at crude battle plan with stick figures drawn in crayon, throwing their weapons of choice.  WTF, do they teach this kind of stuff in civics class nowadays?

Most of all, you gotta love the last line of the story:  This comes after abortion activists threatened to display their lady parts today.  They THREATENED, to display their “lady” parts.  What inference can be drawn, other than seeing such a sight would have some kind of terrible negative impact on the viewer?


Gerald Loeb said...

I love the "Pro-Do Over" reference. That sums it up how these folks want to foul up then want a "reboot,"." Life doesn't have too many Mulligans.

neil schnurr said...

Thanks. Hey I like your post on the constitution! You might like this:

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