Tuesday, August 20

A Sarah Palin Resurrection?

Bill Kristol had this to say about Sarah Palin during his recent interview on ABC:
“I was for taking the gamble of putting her on the ticket, I don’t think it hurt the ticket in 2008. — I think her stepping down as governor of Alaska was a big problem."
"People don’t like to see a candidate, a governor, an executive — absent some medical reason or whatever — just leave office early. And she had been a good governor — incidentally — of Alaska until then."
"So, I think that is something, I think, she has to recover from in terms of being a serious leader in the party. Still has a lot of loyalty, still can shape the debate, she still has a great political touch.
“I think the way Palin would possibly resurrect herself — if that’s the right word or rehabilitate herself, I think is a better way of putting it — run for Senate in Alaska in 2014,” — I’m not urging that. I’m just saying, if I were her adviser, I would say, Take on the incumbent, you have to win a primary, then you have to beat an incumbent Democrat, it’s not easy.” 
Ok Bill, let’s set the record straight  Palin resigned from office due to the enormous costs and distractions of battling frivolous ethics investigations launched against her from (in my opinion) both sides of the aisle...

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