Tuesday, August 20

Smackdown - Conservative Blogs Central Leading im41.com Today

I didn't think you could do it but it looks like for the first time ever CBC might outperform im41. As of right now, it has received 2000 hits and 2700 page views, and 41 is at 1900/2500.

Great job...

Okay, im41 is just having an off day - I will wear you all around like a snowshoe tomorrow... :)


conservativeBC said...

I will let you know if you all, beat me. I still have a couple of hours to redeem myself...

The Conservative Wife said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go Patriot! :)

conservativeBC said...

Ha! I pulled it out... got up to 2500 an beat CBC by about 100 hits... It was still a good day CBC...

See, you don't need me posting here to get read...

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