Monday, August 26

A War Is Coming

There has been a quiet rage building in this the world, for a long time. The Middle East has always been on fire in some fashion or another, but here at home, in America, the rage has been gradual. Conservative Americans are being pushed to a point and the rage is about to let loose. But we aren't the type of people who go out to just kill someone because of their skin color or because of their political views. That would be the other side. And that side comes in all colors, not just black.

The racial divide has not felt more prevalent to me than it does now. I say to me, because I wasn't born yet during the civil rights era. What I do not understand is why blacks still feel as though they are owed something by the white man. Why they feel it is their right to sit around with their hand stuck out waiting for it to be filled with free stuff. And if it isn't filled willingly, then they feel it is their right to go out and take it forcefully. I don't get it. More blacks have moved up the corporate ladder than at any other time in history. We have a black (president). If they are ever going to feel empowered, isn't now the time for it?

But no, this black president is nothing more than a race baiter. And so are those all mighty powerful leaders of the black communities like Sharpton and Jackson. And they speak the only language that blacks want to hear. They don't want to hear a message of encouragement. They don't want to know that they can become a success in this life if they work hard for it. College? They can go if they choose. They have the United Negro College Fund, the Congressional Black Caucus, BET television. And the list goes on. In fact, they are the only race to have organizations that are strictly for and made up of black people. If a white group tried something like that, they would be stonewalled and blackballed and most likely hauled into court for some hate crime or another.

The left has made it impossible for a Conservative to say or do anything in defense of this Nation. Or so they think. Obama wanted a race war when he spoke out for Mayvon Tartin. But he didn't get it. Although he has tried to get the black community so riled up that they would riot in the streets and force whites to fight for their life. Because he wants our guns. Badly. If he doesn't have them, then we can still defend ourselves against his tyranny. But now what is happening is something different. Almost everyday we can read the headlines and see where black thugs have killed a white innocent. Justice for Trayvon is the mantra being shouted. Our elderly are under attack. A 99 year old white killed by a black in NY. An 88 year old WWII veteran beaten to death by 2 black thugs. A white male nurse shot in the parking lot by blacks. And of course there is Chris Lane. Just out for a jog and shot in the back by 3 "black" thugs. And even though one of them is of mixed race, why does he get to be called white while Obama is called black?

Well, Trayvon got his justice. He got to stand face to face with God and answer for his sins. His forgiveness is only up to him and God. That's it. We have about had enough and the rage is getting ready to boil over. If a race war is what they want, then a war they will have. But they forgot about some very important details. Conservatives don't just run around the streets, waving their guns around trying to intimidate everyone. No, we wait quietly and if you bring that shit to our door, then be prepared to say hello to Trayvon. Think about those on the left who want this war so badly, even the DHS employee who set up a website on taxpayers dime, calling for blacks to kill a lot of whites. Who is going to fight on their side of this war? Pansy gays? Lesbians? Street gangs who like to shoot sideways and never bother to even clean or care for their weapons? How about the Hollywood elite? Liberal leftists who hate guns so much that they hire a bodyguard? Who? Well, it will be mostly blacks in street gangs. They know nothing of tactical warfare. That involves intelligence. Conservatives have this one in the bag. We are smart and we know how to hunt and move silently. A rifle behind every blade of grass.

My question is this. Will we band together and rid Washington of the liberal socialists and the rino's? Or will we be forced to take a stand on a battlefield that the left has created? Either way, I am ready. I will stand because I will never bow a knee to a dictator. I will never abandon my God. And I will not compromise on my principals. God, Country, Family. Mess with any of these, and I will stand to fight. And I am not alone. A war is coming because the left has been calling for it. Because the left has been poking us through the cage for long enough. It will either be through the ballet box or the ammo box. The choice is completely theirs to make.

1 comment:

Jimbo said...

Yep, I feel the same way. I'd just as soon get it over with now, let's roll.

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