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When is the last time you have heard a Progressive say, “I love America”?  No, no—I’m not asking when you last heard a Progressive say that he is “just as patriotic as (fill in the blank) is”.  When did you last hear someone who wears the designation ‘Democrat’ say, unashamedly and without embarrassment, “I love America”?


While you are thinking about that, let me recount a few nuggets for you which provide fairly conclusive proof, as far as I’m concerned, that many of the Progressive leaders, and by implication, their followers as well, do not love and respect this country.  I’ll cite a few examples from the Democrat administration before this one.


Wall Street Journal 4/14/98 Editorial "…President Clinton approved the transfer of missile guidance technology to China at the behest of the largest personal contributor to the Democratic Party. He granted the needed waiver despite an ongoing Department of Justice criminal investigation of the same company's earlier transfer of similar technology: a Pentagon study concluding that in the earlier episode "United States national security has been harmed." That is the essence of a report yesterday by Jeff Gerth of the New York Times (who also reported the original Whitewater story in 1992) concerning satellite launch technology provided by Loral Space and Communications and Hughes Electronics, a subsidiary of General Motors. Loral Chairman Bernard L. Schwartz topped the personal contributions list in 1997; his 1994 trip to China with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was quickly followed by a memo to the President from Harold Ickes saying Mr. Schwartz "is prepared to do anything he can for the Administration." Lobbying jointly with Hughes Chairman C. Michael Armstrong, who has gone on to head AT&T, Mr. Schwartz succeeded in softening licensing requirements for export of guidance technology to China…."


Insight 4/19/99 Timothy Maier "… But Clinton and Gore have much explaining to do. Both knew about the Los Alamos espionage in 1995, yet they continued to entertain Chinese generals by allowing them to tour nuclear facilities and gladly received financial donations from Beijing and its friends. A year after the theft of nuclear secrets was discovered, instead of exposing the spies, Clinton made it easier for Beijing agents. He transferred licensing requirements from the (Department of) State to the sales-oriented Commerce Department. This accelerated the pace at which Beijing obtained dual-use technology to build nuclear weapons and missiles... Next came the most significant damage to U.S. security since the days of the Rosenbergs (convicted in 1951 of selling nuclear secrets to the Soviets). Dr. Wah Lim, then a Loral Space and Communications scientist, headed a team of scientists studying Beijing's rocket failures when he called his assistant to fax to China a sensitive accident-analysis report that intelligence agents say greatly enhanced the accuracy of Beijing's missiles.….."For the longest time U.S. analysts on China have emphasized how small China's nuclear forces have been and how they have remained that way," says (Henry) Sokolski, (a former Pentagon nonproliferation official).  Not any more!!!


According to reports, on February 6, 1996, a Chinese long march rocket, carrying a $200 million Loral satellite, exploded shortly after lift-off from a satellite launch center in China. Loral and the Hughes Corporation went to work on an accident review for the insurance companies that insured that flight and the loss of Loral’s equipment.

First of all, we need to understand that it is illegal for American corporations to transfer weapons and rocket technology to a foreign company, period.  Hughes and Loral used the excuse of helping with an accident investigation that involved only the blow-up of a Chinese rocket, with which they had no involvement—not the malfunction of a satellite system which sat atop that rocket. Hughes and Loral should not have been involved in this matter. By the way, a secret coded circuit board was missing from the American (Loral) satellite aboard that Chinese rocket when it was recovered.  Congress suspects that China stole it.  Or did Loral give that circuit board to China?  We’ll never know.  This was a very important circuit board for guidance systems; advanced technology far above China’s capability.

The Chinese Government, once Loral and Hughes jumped into analyzing what had gone wrong with this launch, requested Chinese-born Loral executive Dr. Wah Lim be put in charge of this accident investigation. Loral complied with this request, and replaced an experienced American U.S. Air Force Colonel, who was at that time responsible for launch security, with Dr. Lim, per request.  One wonders what justification there could be for that change.

In May 1996, the 200-page accident review that dealt with this rocket's performance was finished.  Remember, this had nothing to do with Loral’s satellite. It had to do with the explosion of the rocket. This report, which was in reality a blueprint of everything that had gone wrong with the rocket and how to correct it, was unlawfully faxed directly to the Chinese Communists by an assistant acting upon directions from Dr. Lim--without either a State Department or Defense Department approval.  Interesting question:  Did Bernard L. Schwartz obtain President Clinton’s approval before allowing Dr. Lim to send that extraordinary blueprint to the Chinese Communists? Remember, Schwartz is the man Harold Ickes told Clinton “would do anything he can for the Administration”.

One year later, when the Pentagon completed an assessment of what had happened regarding the report supplied to the Chinese, they concluded, quote `The United States national security has been harmed,' end of quote.  Really?

Now millions of Americans live under the threat of being incinerated by a nuclear weapon launched at the United States from China—made more accurate and more reliable by our own aerospace industry.

Of course, the fact that Schwartz was the largest single contributor to the Clinton/Gore campaign did not influence in any way Clinton’s decision to allow this technology transfer to China; of that I am confident—aren’t you?  I’m equally positive that the Chinese asked for nothing in exchange for the millions that their government officials, military officers and business leaders contributed to the Clinton presidential campaign (see below).  Is it just possible that money from China was a pay-off for the technology that Clinton allowed them to obtain from the U S?  Oh, and even Chinese Buddhist nuns got into the act, contributing at least $45,000 to the campaign in a fund-raiser in California attended by Al Gore.  The nuns destroyed the record of contributors—to avoid “embarrassment”—but did admit that at least $45,000 was raised and turned over to Gore. 

I’m sure that the Chinese would have stolen . . . Oops! . . . would have obtained that information through their own research in another 20 to 30 years, so what’s the big deal?  What if their nuclear-tipped rockets can now reach many of the cities on our western shore?  I’m positive that President Clinton made the Chinese promise not to launch weapons toward the western United States—at least, not until he left office.

How much did the Chinese contribute to the Clinton campaign?  What follows is only a partial listing, which three (3) separate investigations—by the Justice Department (under Attorney General Janet Reno), a House Committee and a Senate committee turned up, but . . .

1) Charlie Trie, Arkansan, born in Taiwan, contributed $450,000 to Clinton Defense fund.  2) Johnny Chung, also Taiwanese, delivered to the White House $300,000 he told Congress came from a Chinese General named Liu Chaoying of Chinese aero-space. 3)John Huang, born in China, raised $3.4 million for the Clinton campaign.  AFTER the campaign, half had to be returned.  4)Maria Hsai, Taiwanese, raised $100,000 at a Buddhist Temple in California for the Clinton  campaign; delivered hand-to-hand to Al Gore, who said he didn’t know the affair he attended was a fund-raiser.

This is only the pocket change.  How much did the campaign raise from foreign sources?  That may never be known.

Let me ask you:  Does President Clinton have a deep and abiding love for America?  Answer: Not nearly as great a love as he has for himself. His perfidy in allowing the Chinese to purchase that advanced guidance and weapons technology placed millions of West Coast American’s lives at risk. It would have taken Communist China twenty or thirty years to have discovered on their own what we sold them—for what?  For the many millions of dollars that the Chinese contributed, through one source or another, to insure Bill Clinton’s victory in the presidential race. No, one doesn’t sell out a country and a people he loves.  Even for the sake of his political career.

Folks, it’s all about being re-elected—period.  No matter the cost.  Regardless of who has to pay the price. Progressives do whatever they have to do to win. Apparently, you can even rationalize treasonous acts in your quest to maintain yourself in office.  In the minds of Progressives, the Chinese and Russians are not nearly as dangerous to the future of our country as are our own nation’s conservatives. 

Can our nation continue to exist with this kind of deep division and betrayal?

Question: Do Progressives love America?

Not my America! 

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