Tuesday, August 27

Even Liberal Filmmakers and TV Execs Run From Liberal Government

source: Varitey http://variety.com/

L.A. Mayor Declares State of ‘Emergency’ As Movie, TV Production Flees Hollywood

Photograph by Art Streiber
AUGUST 26, 2013 | 01:35PM PT

COVER STORY: Eric Garcetti needs to convince skeptical politicians to fight against rich tax incentives from outside California

Los Angeles’ new mayor has vowed to help stanch the flow of film and TV production jobs out of Hollywood, starting with the appointment of a film czar at City Hall. But to make a real difference, Eric Garcetti needs to convince skeptical state pols to combat the lure of rich tax incentives from outside California.
Two days after this year’s Oscars, Hollywood’s councilman Eric Garcetti, then running for mayor of Los Angeles, staged a media event at Sunset Gower Studios.
Only a smattering of reporters and photographers showed up, perhaps because the gathering was to address “runaway production,” a buzzword that means little for those outside the industry and, for insiders, is a timeworn term for a chronic, unresolved problem alongside piracy and studio accounting.
But Garcetti, a series of location managers and other crew workers who spoke in late February tried convey a message of urgency: Hollywood’s homegrown industry is being ceded to other states and countries whose favorable tax credits are increasingly luring away movie and television production at an alarming rate. As competition both in the U.S. and abroad continues to grow, the state’s market share and longtime stronghold on production jobs and spending are fast evaporating.
You just gotta love this. Liberal filmmakers and television execs understand that liberal government policies are bad for their business.  Now, if they could just make the connection that liberalism is bad for ALL OTHER BUSINESSES and thus, BAD FOR EVERYONE, maybe we can start getting somewhere.  If they don’t, they’re going to come off looking a little hypocritical.


Rick Lakehomer said...

Maybe they will make 'the connection' after hollywood is left a smoldering ruin like Watts was in 1965, after the riots there. I may have the year wrong but I remember we had to take a taxi through the heart of Watts to get to LA international airport as my Grandfather had suffered a heart attack. We had a police escort to do so and were shot at several times. As we exited the taxi, my Mom pointed out the bullet holes in the rear fenders and trunk lid.

I doubt it, It is always someone else's fault with libtards.

neil schnurr said...

I think what it is, is that they can identify what is good or bad for THEM, they just don't care about anyone else.

conservativeBC said...

You would think they would learn from Duck Dynasty - they would rather go broke than put up something decent

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