Monday, August 12

No one ever went broke by saving money . . .

No one ever went broke by simply saving money as opposed to investing it. 
We are constantly instructed by expert financial advisors that we are losing money by saving it in a federally insured account rather than investing it with an expert financial advisor:
"While interest rates have risen on home and car loans over the last year, interest paid on saving accounts has fallen to miniscule levels. And when inflation is factored in, you lost money on that six-month CD or money-market account . . . For instance, say your money has been in an interest-paying checking account, a money-market account, a savings account or a six-month CD. You’ve lost money, Bond says, even though your balances are slightly rising."

These experts are confusing value with money. Inflation and low interest rates on savings account may reduce the value of my saved money but I still have my money. On the other hand, many clients of these expert financial advisors lose both value and their money by following expert investment advice.

I may be losing value by saving my money but I am not losing my money. 

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