Thursday, August 8

Police Officer Smacks 10 Year Old Boy... Good!

The above video shows an officer in Eugene, Oregon supposedly smacking a ten year old boy upside the head. Why? Because the little brat just bit him. This from The Blaze:

The incident began when officers responded to a child custody issue.
The boy has for the last few years been in the custody of his 28-year-old mother, Stephanie Johnston, against a court order, reported, citing EPD officers.
Law enforcement officials believe the boy never attended school and is supposedly illiterate.
The boy’s father, Brian Wolfe, has a court order awarding him full custody. Johnston, on the other hand, has been denied any parenting time with the boy.
Police reportedly found the boy living with his mother in a bus at a local park.
When the officers came to take the boy, the mother allegedly told him to make a run for it because the police were coming to take him away, reported.
After a brief foot chase, officers apprehended the boy and returned him to Wolfe — but not before being surrounded and threatened by a gaggle of outraged citizens.
“You don’t know who you’re messing with!” a shirtless youth shouts at police officers before threatening to use his Mexican mafia connections to “blow up” whatever orphanage or juvenile hall the 10-year-old may be held in.
So Mom had basically kidnapped the kid and was living in a bus, most likely on welfare, and didn't send him to school. I actually feel sorry for the Dad when he gets this kid back. He will be a handful to say the least. Everyone in the video is using the F-Word left and right, including the kid with the backpack. Whoever the twit is making the video is a real winner. How about this... You Do Not Bite A Cop! He's lucky he didn't get tazed or shot. And they are doing the kid no favor by reacting in such a way. Sending the message that all cops are bad and if they do anything to you, then they, not you, will be the ones in trouble.

I'm not saying there aren't bad cops out there. There are. But this kid deserved the smacking he got and maybe if he had had a belt to his rear a few times and taught respect, morals and integrity, then this would not have happened. As parents, we are supposed to love our kids more than ourselves. If the other parent is no good either, then maybe a new family is in order. You love them enough to see to it that they have all that they need. You know, the basics, food, SHELTER, clothes and EDUCATION.

Obama voters everyone, I have no doubt.

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