Thursday, August 8

What Do You Want Gerald?

I can make CBC whatever you want.

Right now I see it as a place to celebrate conservative ideas unfettered. If you like news, post news. If you enjoy snark, post snark. If you want to be a deep thinker like J.D. - put together thoughtful posts. Birthers, newsers, gloomers are all welcome. They can come here and instead of being read by a few, be read by a few hundred.

I read the blog daily, but I seldom post here myself. I don't want to fill up the front page with me, when I enjoy reading you.

But if you all like the buzz atmosphere, I can undoubtedly give it to you. If you want CBC to be a crowded mall instead of the family dinner table I can make it happen. I'm 41 has gotten as many as 60k unique hits and 100k page views.

But if I bring what I do here, realize that your thoughts may be lost in the flood.

But, hey your comment box will be pumping.

It is up to you all...


Gerald Loeb said...

Actually, I like it the way it is. It is a good mix, overall. My central point was not the subject material but the method of getting the latest political outrages across to the reader-- who after all is why we write this stuff, yes? It's just I noticed three distinct "personalities" of posts...I get a decent amount of readers on my posts so I am happy...

The Conservative Wife said...

I tend to write from a smart ass point of view. I only started Blogging in April of this year so I know I am not nearly as good as some of the others on here. I hope I'm not annoying anyone and if I am then I apologize. I love my country and I love God. I despise liberals and their so called policies. However, I know I don't write award winning material. I never set out to do so. I also know that I don't try to steal anyone else's things and pass off as my own. Many times I read a post and think, man, I wish I could have thought of that... Lol. But I do appreciate you saying, Gerald, that mine are among the best here. That is a compliment of the highest. I enjoy logging on each day to see who has written what and then going to the news and seeing what I feel led to write about. And then my inner smart ass comes out. Can't seem to help it. The youngest of seven to a basically single mom made me so. And if I need to change anything at all, please let me know and I will try because I do want to stay.

conservativeBC said...

Good, I hope you enjoy posting here. I enjoy reading your work.

As for the comments, I can stop blocking liberals if that is what you all want?

conservativeBC said...

You are very entertaining - I look forward to each post :)

The Conservative Wife said...

Don't block them for me... I enjoy dressing them down...

conservativeBC said...

Ok :0

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