Friday, September 27

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source: USA Today

Bill Clinton: Chelsea would make a good president  ⇐ Relative to what we now, maybe.

Foundations: Tax scams for the rich

                                                                            Bill Clinton obviously is getting used to the questions about whether his wife is going to run for president.and whether she was a big liar, like he is, or just totally incompetent as Secretary of State.  I’m sure her answer would be “What difference does it make?”
So give CNN's Piers Morgan some credit for taking a different approach and asking the former president if Hillary or Chelsea would be better in the White House.I give Piers Morgan credit for nothing but being a doofus.
"Day after tomorrow, my wife because she's had more experience,"The Chicago Cubs have over 100 years experience playing baseball, but they still suck. Clinton said on CNN's Piers Morgan Live in an interview airing Wednesday night. "Over the long run, Chelsea. She knows more than we do about everything."So does every conservative.
The proud dad bragged that his daughter, 33, who is taking a larger role in the family foundation,A perfect example of a spoiled rich kid, not being able to make it on their own, so the parents make up some easy,  bullshit, make-believe “job” for her. believed in her childhood that she didn't know as much as her parents.And she was certainly correct about that.  I’m sure she knew nothing about Whitewater, or her dad banging all those sluts.

"Now, it's highly embarrassing because she in fact does," Clinton said. Bill, I didn’t think that you were capable of being embarrassed about anything. "So I feel like I'm going to school every day when we have conversations." If you mean public school, no wonder it seems like you get dumber every year.
As for the inevitable query about Hillary Rodham Clinton's plans for 2016, Morgan stroked the ex-president a little by observing that his wife "looks fantastic" and "completely invigorated." Really?  Seriously?  He said he believes that's a sign that the former secretary of State is all-in for another presidential campaign.
Bill Clinton demurred. "It should scream to you something else: Real life is a healthier existence than politics," he said. Hey, look at that!  Bill Clinton finally speaks the truth.

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