Friday, September 27

How to Stop the Violence and End the Horror

Go ahead and accuse me of stealing this from any of the following sites:

But let me add this:
Can you see what this means?

Guns are everywhere we all know that, but the only places where there are huge problems with murders and other gun related crimes, are places controlled by by liberals.  The people who claim to be so concerned about gun crime have been barking up the wrong tree!
We don’t need gun control!  What we obviously need is liberal control!  Here’s what we need to do to end the violence:

  1. Declare schools, government buildings, even entire cities, to be liberal free zones.
  2. Require that people submit to background checks and obtain permits before becoming liberals.
  3. Ban certain types of liberalism altogether, like the assault liberalism practiced by Obama, when he attempts to take away our rights by executive order, and when celebrities who don’t know what they’re talking, about speak out against our constitutional rights.
  4. Require a three day waiting period before anyone says or does anything considered to be liberal.
  5. Educate our children about the dangers of liberalism.

I believe this is what we need to do in order to bring liberalism under control.  After such measures were enacted, we would see an end to the violence and horror.  All that would be left of liberalism will be those bitter people who still cling to it.  AND REMEMBER - WE’RE DOING THIS FOR THE CHILDREN.

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