Saturday, September 28

SUPER-Model You Go, Girl!!

Model 'punches' Femen protesters who storm catwalk during Paris fashion week

My respect for models just increased 1000%, my respect for Femen protesters, well I didn’t have any to begin with.

A Liverpool model said she "punched" two Femen protesters who broke onto the catwalk at Paris fashion week and grabbed her arm.
Hollie-May Saker was modelling for designer Nina Ricci in the French capital when protesters from the radical feminist group ran on stage, with the words "model, don't go to brothel" painted across their torsos.
When one of the two women grabbed Ms Saker's hand, she can be seen pulling her hand away in response, before both members of the Ukrainian group were dragged away by a security guard who quickly rushed onto the stage.
Anfield resident Ms Saker continued to walk around the catwalk even as the protesters were being pulled off stage.
Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Ms Saker said: “I punched her – I didn’t mean to but she grabbed my arm and I just wanted to get her off me.
“I was the 19th girl out of the catwalk and I could hear screaming behind me.
“As she grabbed by arm she lifted by skirt exposing me – I pulled my arm back with such force that I landed a punch square on her nose."
Ms Saker added that despite feeling angry because the protesters had "ruined her favourite show" she continued to model for the rest of the event.
The 18-year-old said she "knew the Scouser in me was bound to come out eventually during fashion week" in a tweet after the incident.
Femen recently came under controversy after 28-year-old male Victor Svyatskiy was 'ousted' as the mastermind behind the group by Australian film maker Kitty Green. Ms Green alleges Mr Svyatskiy hand-picked the most attractive women "because the prettiest girls sell papers."
"The prettiest girls get on the front page... that became their image, that became the way they sold the brand,” she said.

The vast majority of people have become numbed to stories like this.  Some men who look at them might quickly glance at the pictures to see if they can get a cheap thrill, (and they’re always disappointed) but almost no one takes the time to actually read the story.  For the most part, this is a good thing.  Groups like Femen, deserve as little attention and recognition as possible, but it does prevent many from considering an important question:  Why?

Why would members of groups like Femen expose themselves when they consider any type of traditional displays of female nudity to be “the oppression of women”?  If you think about it, the answer is quite obvious.  

Femen is certainly a liberal organization and other liberal groups pull stunts that are just as outrageous, but why do they do such things?  To bring attention to their “cause”?  Perhaps, but other people seem to be able to manage to bring attention to their causes without embarrassing themselves and everyone around them in the process.  Think tea party rallies, or fund raisers to fight diseases like breast cancer or Alzheimer's disease.

The reason why members of liberal groups act so outrageously is because it’s easy.  They don’t have to study, they don’t have to research facts, and they don’t have to come up with a convincing, logical, rationale to support their position.  I’ve been working on this post for about half an hour now, and I’ve already put more time and effort in coming up with an intelligent argument to support my views than the Femen protesters ever do to support their’s.

Not only is acting like a deranged fool easy, it is impossible to objectively determine its effectiveness, so liberal protesters never even have to answer to the people on their own side.  All that matters to them is that they took action.  Whether it actually did any good or even had a negative effect on their cause, does not concern them in the least.  Evaluating outcomes, takes some intellectual effort, and that’s just not in their repertoire.

All of this has given me a new respect for models.  They are more an example of a successful, liberated woman than a Femen protester could ever hope to be. Now granted, their jobs are not as demanding as that of a lumberjack or dairy farmer, but they do have to satisfy the demands of whoever is paying them, and they are in competition with a large number of other candidates who would gladly take their place in a heartbeat. 

 Compare that to liberal protesters, who never face either of these real world demands. The only thing they are capable of doing is complaining. They whine about how unfair the world is like bunch of five year old children.

So I say “Good job!” to the model who punched that stupid, lazy Femen protester in the face.  My only criticism is that she didn’t do it several times.

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