Monday, September 16

How Do We Save America From Destruction?

Recently, I posted a blog on Tea Party Nation where I am a member. The comments are what made me stop and think. The question was, “How are we going to regain control of America?” It’s a question for which I do not have a solid answer. I have ideas, yes, but no way to implement this plan. The biggest problem, and the one from which all others stem, is the lack of a moral compass in this Nation…in the world. We have people here in America that are more concerned with watching TV and their favorite reality shows than with trying to find the truth in the news, if they care about the news at all. We have young people idolizing idiots like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber instead of true American heroes like our soldiers who go off to fight for our freedoms.

Our teachers are too busy trying to push forward their own progressive agenda to actually bother teaching the subject at hand. Kids aren’t taught to think for themselves; rather they are force fed whatever the “new and improved” textbooks say is right. Schools in Denton, Texas are teaching the 2nd Amendment as The People Have a Right to Keep and Bear Arms in a State Militia. This is just outright wrong. Our government has created an us against them mentality within our own Country. Christians and Christianity is under attack and those in power are the ones cheering this on. Our own president will call to congratulate a gay basketball player for coming out of the closet, yet he remains silent when an American hero, Chris Kyle, is murdered. Not to mention the silence concerning Benghazi.

Our government has taken to spying on its own citizens in order to gather information to use against those they deem to be against them. I could go on and on concerning the corruption and immorality that is happening today. But how do we stop it? I am only a tiny voice in a tempest storm. I feel as though I am trying to yell at the Super Bowl without a bullhorn. I don’t have a large following and some days I feel as though I am wasting my time. But I keep doing it because even though I may only be a drop of water in the middle of the ocean, I will continue those drops and when they are combined with others who are the same as me, those drops create ripples. Those ripples can only move further out into the ocean as the drops keep coming, eventually reaching the shore. Do we have time for these ripples to take effect? I don’t know but I feel as though we are on very thin ice right now and that our time is running short.

I know that I want to do more than just create a ripple in an ocean. I wish I had a voice that could not be ignored. So I am calling on some of you that do have that platform. Call upon your readers to make a pledge. A pledge for America. A pledge for morality and for human decency. If we need to create a foundation of sorts for it, then let’s do it. I know how to write by-laws and I have dealt with gaining non-profit status so I can help with that if I need to. This is our Country. Help me create a bigger ripple in this moral decay. Help me find the solution as to what we can do. I am willing to work, for free. I know there are some of you out there that can get people off their butts and on their feet to do something other than type or read some words and say, “Yeah!” I don’t want to be a big shot or in charge. I just want to help. I want to be a part of something that is so much bigger than I will ever be. I want to take a stand for God and for America. For my family and for yours. To give a voice to all of those who have none and to stand for those who can’t.  Together, we can be heard. Together, we can make a difference that matters. Together, we can make certain our grandchildren know the America that we have known. But it is going to take just that. Together.

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Gsgn said...

Fabulous! You put into words what I am also feeling.

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