Wednesday, September 4

I Never Thought I'd See the Day...

Good, maybe I can play hockey and snowmobile once I’m there.

Well, it happened.  I have become a war protester.  Maybe I have finally learned a lesson which for fifty years, I have been unable to learn - “NEVER SAY NEVER”.

Like many other people, I was in favor of our involvement in our last few wars when they started.  Looking back however, it appears that I may have been  almost certainly was wrong.  I could try to justify taking the position that I had back then, by mentioning all the countries and important people that shared my opinion, but none of that matters now.  Wrong is wrong, and it doesn’t make any difference just because you have  lot of company.  Saddam Hussein didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction, and Al Qaeda is more a manifestation of a worldwide belief, held by millions of people, than a standing army with a headquarters in some cave in Afghanistan

For other than the multitude of obvious reasons, I wish we had a Republican president right now.  That way, I could say this without people accusing me of saying anything, just to oppose Obama.  I guess I don’t care if they do.  I’m war weary, and I just can’t do it anymore.  

Some say that we should intervene in Syria to punish the Assad regime for the use of chemical weapons.  I say, “Let someone else punish them.”  Some say the we need a U.S. presence there to prevent an escalation of conflict.  A war in the Middle East could shut down the Suez Canal and cause oil prices to skyrocket.  I say, “Maybe our presence there will make things worse.”

Up until recently, I pretty much considered all war protesters, unpatriotic cowards, but now, I find myself thinking and saying the very same things the war protesters of the sixties said.  I cannot in good conscience, be in favor of any new actions in the Middle East that may result in the loss of even one American life.
Me - war protesting  - I never thought I’d see the day.  Maybe, I should go down to the surplus store, buy an army fatigue jacket and sew and American Flag, peace sign, and pot leaf on it.  I’m all in.  Pass the weed, man.


The Conservative Wife said...

It's like everything is backwards these days. I too am now a war protestor for the first time. I joined the military after 9/11. I was ready to give some payback....even though my mos was radiology, still..... It has become a very strange world.

neil schnurr said...

No kidding. It's like the twilight zone! Look at all the things on conservative blogs that looks so eerily similar to stuff liberals USED to say. Particularly, abuse by police and government.

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