Friday, October 25

And this Week's Award Goes to...

The Most Pathetic Person in the Universe

This week's award for the Most Pathetic Person in the Universe is a three way tie for abdicating responsibility.  The lucky winners are being awarded for their exquisitely amateurish performance in the roll out of the Obamacare website.  The list of transgressions committed by this group is long and predictable.  First was not ready for prime time, despite having the luxury of having three years and nearly half a billion dollars to build the site.  Next the award recipients could not quite figure out who was to blame so they just all blamed each other.  This whole scene reminds of page four from Friedrich Hayek's illustrated Road to Serfdom and how the 'planners' almost come to blows because they cannot decide on what plan to pursue.  Finally when they were done blaming each other they blamed the Republicans.  Why?  I am not sure why, because even though most Republican governors did not select to set up their own exchanges the administration had more than enough warning time to adjust for this reality.  On top of that the majority of Obamacare's funding is mandatory so even the government shutdown did not affect the Department of Health and Human Services and White House's ability to administer the law.  In the end the reality of the situation is no matter how much makeup you put on an ugly pig it will always be an ugly pig.


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