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Part 2 Series: Who Is Barack Hussein Obama, II?

Part 2 in a series to delve deeper into who Obama is by learning who the people are that shaped his life. Who were the people that raised and mentored him? And just WHO is Barack Hussein Obama, II?

Frank Marshall Davis

            Frank Marshall Davis was born December 31, 1905 in Arkansas City, KS. He was a literal card carrying member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). His card number is 47544. He has been portrayed by the media as nothing more than a Civil Rights activist, an American journalist and poet. But let’s be honest, here. There is nothing American about Frank Marshall Davis. And for the record, being born here does not necessarily make you American.

Davis edited and wrote for such publications as the Chicago Star and the Honolulu Record. It is now known that contributors to the Chicago Star actually served as secret agents for Stalin’s Soviet Union. Davis promoted Soviet propaganda work in his columns, always opposing U.S. attempts to slow or stop Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung. He favored Yalta, also known as the Yalta Conference which was held February 4-11, 1945 in the Livadia Palace in Crimea, near Yalta. It was made up of the heads of government of the United States, Great Britain and General Secretary Joseph Stalin. The purpose was to try and establish an agenda for governing a Post-War Europe.

Davis urged America to “dump the fascist Chiang Kaishek in support of Mao’s Red Forces. He wanted Communist takeovers in Korea and Vietnam. He was salivatingly anti-American. He argued that the U.S., under President Harry S. Truman, whom he portrayed as a fascist, racist and imperialist, was handing West Germany back to the Nazi’s and that Stalin was pursuing democracy in East Germany. Never mind the small detail that Stalin murdered some 20 million plus of his own people and that Mao Tse-tung murdered 65 million plus. Yeah… let’s support those asshole’s ideals.

Davis joined the Communist Party during World War II after the signing of the Hitler-Stalin pact that precipitated the war and the Holocaust. One poem Davis wrote is titled “To the Red Army”, in which he gives support for Stalin’s Soviet Union. The “poem” is here:

Smash on, victory-eating Red warriors!
Drive on, oh mighty people’s juggernaut!
Show the marveling multitudes
Americans, British, all your allied brothers
How strong you are
How great you are
How your young tree of new unity
Planted twenty-five years ago
Bears today the golden fruit of victory!

(Such talent, right? Snort!) But Davis was also a published “author” as well as a pornographer who wrote about having sex with a 13-year-old girl. Under the pseudonym Bob Greene, Davis authored a hard-core pornographic autobiography which was published in 1968 by Greenleaf Classics titled Sex Rebel: Black. Davis confirmed that he was the author of the book. In the introduction of the book, Davis explains that although he “changed names and identities… all incidents I have described have been taken from actual experiences”.
Davis stated that “under certain circumstances I am bisexual” and that he was “a voyeur and an exhibitionist” who was “occasionally mildly interested in sado-masochism”, adding that: “I have often wished I had two penises to enjoy simultaneously the double – but different – sensations of oral and genital copulation.”
The book, which tracks Davis’ life in Chicago and Hawaii and also the fact that his first wife was black and his second wife was white, describes in disturbingly lurid detail a series of ignominious sexual encounters including group sex.
One chapter in particular concerns a sexual encounter with a 13 year old girl named Anne. Davis wrote that it was the girl who first made the suggestion to him to have sex. (Ann Dunham? I believe so.) He stated:
“I’m not one to go in for Lolitas. Usually I’d rather not bed a babe under 20. But there are exceptions. I didn’t want to disappoint the trusting child. At her still-impressionistic age, a rejection might be traumatic, could even cripple her sexually for life.”

Davis then goes on to describe how he and his wife would have sex with the girl stating that, “Anne came up many times the next several weeks, her Aunt thinking she was in good hands. Actually she was”.
 “She obtained a course in practical sex from experienced and considerate practitioners rather than from ignorant insensitive neophytes….I think we did her a favour, although the pleasure was mutual.”
At other times, Davis would walk in parks in Hawaii looking for couples or female tourists to have sex with. He is quoted as deriving “sexual gratification from bondage, simulated rape and being flogged and urinated on”. (Really? How about tarring and feathering since you enjoy being beaten and pissed on!)

A close friend of Davis, Dawna Weatherly-Williams, had this to say about him:

“He knew Stan (Stanley Armour Dunham) real well, “They’d play Scrabble and drink and crack jokes and argue. Frank always won and he was always very braggadocio about it too. It was all jocular. They didn’t get polluted drunk. And Frank never really did drugs, though he and Stan would smoke pot together.”
“Stan had been promising to bring Barry by because we all had that in common - Frank’s kids were half-white, Stan’s grandson was half-black and my son was half-black. We all had that in common and we all really enjoyed it. We got a real kick out of reality.”

“Dunham picked Davis as a mentor for Obama because he thought the youngster, whose father had abandoned the family, needed a black role model. Davis, who was black, fit the bill.”

Throughout all my research on these sick, perverted people, I am beginning to believe that Davis is Obama’s actual father. Obama referred to Davis in his book, “Dreams from My Father” as simply “Frank” (mentioned 22 times) and devotes some 2,500 words to this jerk. He has also referred to Davis as “Pops”. When “Pops” (Davis) died in 1987, Obama flew to Hawaii to attend his funeral. 

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